How to Change User Name Windows 10

Windows 10 users know that their name will appear on the login screen. For many people, this is a privacy issue, especially when they regularly use their computers in public. Unfortunately, Windows does not allow you to set usernames or aliases while maintaining their real names in Microsoft accounts, so you need an alternative.

The method used depends on whether you use a Windows account or a local account to log in to the computer

How to change the Windows 10 username

Method1: Use the Control Panel

Alternatively , if you are using a local account, which is not linked to a Microsoft account, you must use the Control Panel to rename your account.

Changing the username with User Accounts

If you want to update your account name using the User Accounts settings, follow these steps:

  1. Open Control Panel .
  2. Click on the option Change account type .  How to change the user name Windows 10
  3. Select the local account to update your name.  administration-accounts -control-panel
  4. Click Change the account name option .  change-local-account-name-windows-10
  5. Update the name of the account as you want it to appear on the login screen.  rename- account-signin-windows-10.jpg
  6. Click on the Rename button .

After completing the steps, close the session and the login screen should now display the new name.

Method 2: Change the username with netplwiz

In addition, you can also use the other user account settings (netplwiz) available with the Control Panel.

If you want to update the name of an account, follow these steps:

  1. Open Start .
  2. Search for netplwiz and click on the top result to open the tool. [19659009] Select the account to update your name.
  3. Click on the Properties button . netplwiz windows 10
  4. (Optional) Update the "Username" field to change the account. ount nickname.
  5. Updates the "Full Name" field to display a different name on the login screen. netplwiz change account name windows 10 Quick tip: If you want to display a nickname instead of your real name, you can leave the "Full name" field empty.
  6. Click on the Apply button .
  7. Click on the OK button .
  8. Click on Accept again.


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