How to Build a DIY Wireless Printer with a Raspberry Pi –

If you have an outdated printer or a printer that does not have a wireless connection, you do not need to update. If you have a spare raspberry pie, you can make a DIY wireless printer.

All you need to install the Raspberry Pfle wireless print server is:

Raspberry pie preparation

DIY wireless printer setup You need Raspberry Pi with a proper Linux distribution. One of the best distributions of Raspberry Pi for Linux is Raspbian, the flavor of Linux officially supported by the Raspberry Pi Foundation. The guidelines in this guide are appropriate for Raspbian and other distributions based on Ubuntu or Debian.

Pi Zero is not suitable for this because you must choose Raspberry Pi with an available USB port. You must provide network access to the printer through the pie.

The portable wireless raspberry cake may be more useful, but there is nothing to interfere with the use of the older cake using a USB wireless connection

CUPS installation

from the window terminal or connection to [19659009] sudo Run the update of apt and sudo apt upgrade to see if the Raspberry Pi works correctly. It is completely new.

The installation of CUPS is the next step. The CUPS or Common UNIX printing system is a print server designed by Apple that is widely used in Linux and Unix systems. You should also verify that SAMBA is installed on your Windows device that you need to print.

To install both, type


. When finished, add your user account

Replace pi with your username.

Allow remote access to CUPS

] If you have a GUI in Raspberry Pi and you work directly with the keyboard, you can open your browser and visit Otherwise, you can access from a PC or other device by replacing it with the net IP address of the pie, but you must first allow remote access to CUPS. Open the terminal

and type the following:

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