How to Build a DIY Wireless Printer with a Raspberry Pi –

If you have an outdated printer or a printer that does not have a wireless connection, you do not need to upgrade. If you have a spare raspberry pie, you can make a DIY wireless printer.

All you need to install the Raspberry Pfle wireless print server is:

Raspberry Pie Preparation

DIY Wireless Printer Setup You need Raspberry Pi with a suitable Linux distribution. One of the best Raspberry Pi Linux distributions is Raspbian, the flavor of Linux officially supported by the Raspberry Pi Foundation. The guidelines in this guide are appropriate for Raspbian and other Ubuntu or Debian-based distributions.

Pi Zero is not suitable for this because you need to choose Raspberry Pi with an available USB port. You must provide network access to the printer through the pie.

Wireless portable raspberry pie may be most useful, but there is nothing that interferes with the use of older pie using USB wireless

Installing CUPS

From the terminal window or connecting to [SSH] sudo Run apt update and sudo apt upgrade to see if Raspberry Pi works properly. It is completely new.

CUPS installation is the next step. The CUPS or Common UNIX Printing System is an Apple-designed print server that is widely used on Linux and Unix systems. You also need to verify that SAMBA is installed on your Windows device that you need to print.

To install both, type


. When this is done, add your user account

Replace pi with your user name.

Enable remote access to CUPS

If you have a GUI on Raspberry Pi and you work directly with the keyboard, you can open your browser and visit Otherwise, can be accessed from a PC or other device by replacing it with the network IP address of the pie, but you must first allow remote access to CUPS. Open the

terminal and type the following:

– share-printers

If you receive a "connection refused" error after this, reboot Pi.

Enabling printers and network access during installation

After enabling remote management, you must be able to visit the CUPS Administrators page. Go to the & # 39; Manage & # 39; tab at the top and log in with your Pi username and password on request.

  Raspberry Pi Wireless Print Cup Configuration Page

Click "Add Printer" here and the printer will first connect to Raspberry Pie. Select the printer and click "Continue".

If you want, check the details and change the name of the printer. Click the "Share this printer" check box. Otherwise, you can not print remotely.

  Create a Raspberry Pie Wireless Printing Cup Printer

Please select your printer manufacturer from the menu below (eg "Samsung"). Then you need to find and select a specific model of printer. When finished, click "Add Printer". You can select "Raw" as the printer "make" to allow the local device to load its own driver, but it may not work on all devices.

If the listed printer can not be found, click the relevant PostScript Printer Definition (PPD) file

Finally, click "Set Default Options" to complete the printer setup.

Connecting to a network printer

The next step is actually connecting to the printer. If you select "Print a test page" from the printer's maintenance drop-down menu, you can verify that everything is working correctly. In Windows 10, go to "Settings", "Printers and Scanners" and then click "Add Printer or Scanner". To do this, you must be on the same network as Raspberry Pi. [19659033] Add a Raspberry Pi Printer window "class =" responsively-lazy wp-image-307225 "/>

I need to find a network printer soon when I scan it. Select it and click" Add Printer. "

You can also use iOS or an Android device to print to your printer.

You can also print to a printer using an iOS or Android device.

You can also set up a printer on Linux, 19659003] DIY Wireless Printing with Raspberry Pie

Inkjet vs. Laser Printer No matter what the discussion is – Raspberry Pie can bring all sorts of printers to the modern age with wireless support. And save money.

Thanks to CUPS this way raspberry pie It is easy to install the print server line

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