How to block unwanted calls, email and messages in iOS 13

The problem with modern technology is that anyone can try to communicate with you at any time. Your boss can leave an aggressive passive email at the top of your inbox overnight, so you can see it when you want to check personal mail. Anyone can send you an SMS or iMessage. And anyone with your phone number can send you junk mail, at any time.

Currently on iOS, you can block the senders of iMessage. But in iOS 13, you get two new ways to keep stalkers, strange friends and co-workers shared out of your digital life. Now you can block unknown calls and email senders.

How to block emails in iOS 13

  In iOS 13, there is a new category between spam and non-spam.
Now there is a new category between spam and not-spam.
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Blocking email contacts in iOS 13 works in the same way as blocking iMessagers. Mainly. The first thing to do is turn it on, in the Settings application, in Settings> Mail> Ignore blocked senders . When you have checked that box, tap the line below – checked Blocked – to add people.

In the blocked section, you will see the familiar contact selection panel. The problem with this is that someone must be in your contacts so you can block them. This can mess with your mail service. Some email providers will use your contact list to whitelist the incoming email.

  Block contacts directly from your stupid emails.
Block contacts directly from your stupid emails.
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The solution is to open the Mail application and block emails directly from there. Just tap the address From: in the header section of the email, and now you can use the new button Block this contact . Do that, and you will never see the email of this contact again, at least not in the Apple email.

(When looking at a blocked contact, this option changes to Unblock this contact and that contact will appear in the blocked list in the settings. You can unblock an individual in Settings.)

How block unknown calls in iOS 13

  Simply alter this setting to remove unknown calls in iOS 13.
Just toggle this setting to remove unknown people.
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Blocking unknown people becomes even easier on iOS 13. Simply open the Settings app on your iPhone, tap your way to Telephone section, and alternate Unknown callers of silence .

That's it. You will never have another robocall. This is not so useful if you run a business, or if you work independently, and rely on calls from strangers for your livelihood. But still.

How to block iMessage contacts in iOS 13

  Block specific contacts and filter unknown senders.
Block specific contacts and filter unknown senders.
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Blocking iMessage contacts in iOS 13 work in exactly the same way as in iOS 12. I am adding it here to complete (and as a useful reference to anyone coming from a search of Google). Go to the configuration application (again) and look for the section Messages . There, toggle Filter unknown senders . With this enabled, any message from people who are not in your contacts will be placed in a separate tab in the Messaging application, and you will not receive notifications of new messages. Be careful, as this can also detect SMS codes sent for two-factor logins.

In iOS 13, it is much easier to prevent other people from deciding when to contact you. People who call strangers can be blocked, and problematic people and companies can be silenced and ignored, however, they try to send you spam. Which is how it should be.

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