How to Become Lawyer in Bitlife

This how-to Become Lawyer in Bitlife guide, guides you everything you need to know to follow the path to becoming a law guardian! A little cleverness is required to achieve this, but once you have completed all the schooling you have access to one of the more lucrative jobs in the game.

Some careers in BitLife can be a bit tricky to get, but don’t worry because there are tricks, on how to set yourself up for success! This is not always stupid. You may need to reset the game a few times because luck can get worse, and fate decides that you mean different career paths.

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Ready to become a lawyer in Bitlife

Being intelligent is the most important factor for becoming a lawyer. To build your character a few times until you start with at least 70% smart (the higher the better). To influence your character as it ages, go to the school zone and tap “Strong Study” to improve your intelligence. People with higher tier careers should be pretty smart and not that different in bit life!

You’ll be able to go to the library when you’re 12 years old, so you’ll have to proceed every year. You can also work with your parents to:


Watch movies

Maintain relationships with them

If you are smart enough, you will receive a scholarship, but you may need to ask your parents for college fees. In this process, it is important to prevent health and disease. Therefore, when the gym is available, go there and exercise. If it’s not free, you can ask your parents for money. That’s why it’s important to build relationships with them!

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When you turn 12 or 13, you can make money through Freelance Gig or Part-Time Job. Because you are smart, you need to unlock “Teacher Freelance Performance” to pay quite well. You may also want to participate in one of the typical “intelligent people” extracurricular activities.

This will be a chess club, student council or yearbook club. It’s not clear that these make a difference, but as long as you suppress the stress, adding it does not harm. These things can allow you to offer scholarships to colleges, which means you don’t have to get a student loan!

Be smart to become a lawyer

As in previous careers, you need to be smart. Therefore, continue to all the basics mentioned in the general part of this guide to graduate from high school. Then you have to go to college where you have to take history, English or political science as your major.

Head to the library, work hard at school and go to college the same way you used to be in school in the past. After graduating from college, you’ll go for higher education and law school! Spend time in the same way as all other schools and graduates.

Now that you have graduated from all the schools, you need to find a job in the law office. If your smart one is high, there will be no problem. To be a judge you have to work hard for thirty years now.

After 30 years

You will want to find a new job while working hard and maintaining a smart attitude. This task is called “manager” in the task list. Apply for it, and if you keep your clever and did a good job as a lawyer you will be a judge!

Lawyer career stages

80% higher than smart

University: English, History or Politics

Higher Education: Law School

Occupation: All about “Legal Company”

Experience: 30 years

New job: Magistrate (City)

So this was the small guide of How to Become Lawyer in Bitlife game hopefully this guide helps you to be a Lawyer in the game.

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