How To Automatically Download Apple Music Songs on Your iOS Device

$ 9.99 subscription gives you access to millions of songs from Apple Music. The main selling point of Apple Music is that you can download songs that you can listen offline. In other words, your device doesn't have to be online to listen to music.

Downloading songs from Apple Music to local device storage can be time consuming as each album must be selected and downloaded individually. The workaround is to turn on automatic download of Apple Music on your device. As the name suggests, it automatically downloads all Apple Music to your iOS device. How to do this is covered below, so keep reading.

The option to enable "Auto Download" is in the Settings app on your iOS device:

1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.

2. Scroll down and tap "Music".

  Auto download Apple Music Ios

3. Scroll down and turn on the "Auto Download" toggle.

  Auto Download Apple Music Enable Toggle

When Auto Download is enabled, any song you add to your library directly from your iOS / iPadOS device or Mac will be automatically downloaded to your device.

There is also a “Storage Optimization” option just above the automatic download option. I recently dealt with Apple's optimized storage for Mac. You can offload some data you don't use by default to iCloud Drive. Shortcuts to offloaded data still exist on the system and will be downloaded again if you need to open and use them.

  Auto download Apple Music Optimize Storage

The same concept applies to Apple Music. The device frees up space by deleting songs that you rarely hear from your local device storage. However, the song still remains in the library, and if you want to listen, you can quickly download it or stream it directly from Apple Music. This solution can be unnecessary and cumbersome, but it can be a big advantage for people with devices with limited storage space.

The tips above can help you get more out of Apple Music. Was this guide helpful? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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