How to add the YouTube app in Microsoft Teams

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How to use the YouTube app on Microsoft Teams

Here’s how you can add the YouTube app on Microsoft Teams to help you share videos in your company or organization.

  • Add the YouTube tab to your channel in Microsoft Teams
  • View and accept the terms and services
  • Click Install and then start searching for YouTube videos

Applies to all versions Windows 10

We've already played some of our favorite tips that contain some tricks. Microsoft teams, but did you know that you can also add a YouTube application to the collaboration service? That's right, you can search YouTube videos directly from computers, without having to open a new tab or web browser. As we continue our series on Microsoft Teams, we will now see how you can share the enjoyment of YouTube videos within your company or organization.

The configuration is as easy as 1-2-3

Granted that your administrator has enabled the feature, adding the YouTube application on computers is a similar process to adding OneNote. First you must go to the channel of the team where you would like to enjoy YouTube. Then, click on the top bar (below where your channel name appears) and then click on the "Add a tab" (+) button. Finally, you can choose YouTube from the list.

The pop-up dialog will provide you with information about what privacy and permissions will be required to continue. Please note that YouTube will have access to the information and email addresses of Team members, and the data could be sent to a third-party service. For more information, you can also click "About" to see more about the YouTube app for teams. Finally, clicking on "Add to a team" will show more information about what happens with YouTube and the Teams under the hood. We will have more information about it later, but you can continue configuring YouTube by clicking on the purple "Install" button.

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Adding YouTube to teams

What can you do with YouTube on teams?

So, what can you do with YouTube on computers once it is added to a channel? The answer to that question, in abundance. For example, you can share links to playlists and channels. You can also search for videos using the built-in search bar, paste a link and then share the results on the channel, or post a video on the channel tab by clicking "Save."

This can be particularly useful in training scenarios or for sharing important videos in your company or organization. It is also a good shortcut to manually open YouTube and search for content. However, you can always open YouTube videos in a new tab by searching and right-clicking on the video and selecting "View on"

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Search for YouTube videos on computers

How will you use YouTube on computers?

YouTube on Microsoft computers is just a small drop in the productivity cube. There are also other applications that you can add to teams, such as Trello, Asana, Wikipedia, Quizlet and more. How will you use the YouTube application on Microsoft Computers or Computers to increase your productivity? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to stay tuned for more as we continue to dive into the world of Office 365.

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