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Titles can be used to add text to Final Cut video projects. This could be the title of the video, the location of the scene, the role of the interviewee, or the source of the archive. All of these are other forms of modest titles included in Final Cut Pro X.

Add titles to videos in Final Cut Pro

Get started with existing Final Cut Pro X projects. After the main picture and sound are heavily locked, you need to add a title at the end of the editing process.

Add a Title

Click the "Title and Generator" sidebar button in the library window in the upper left corner.

  Final Cut-Pro-Add-Text-Title-Video-Title-Generator-Sidebar

Many title presets available. Final Cut.


The course begins with a basic title for educational purposes. Select "Default Title" and insert it into your timeline. You can drag a title to the timeline or double-click to insert it into the playhead.

  Final Cut-Pro-Add-Text-Title-Video-Basic-Title

Click on a title in the timeline to select it. If it is highlighted in yellow, you can see that it is selected.

  Final Cut-Add-Text-Title-Video-Select-Title-Timeline

Edit Title

If the Inspector window is hidden, click the Manager's slider button to display it.

  Final Cut-Add-Text-Title-Video-Inspector-Icons

You can intuitively select the Title Inspector icon from the various Inspector windows available. But this doesn't help. This window serves as a pre-built title that provides specific settings for quick user configuration. For the title, click the adjacent "Text Inspector" icon on the Inspector toolbar.


To enter the title, read the contents of the "Text" text box and replace it with your own. If the content doesn't fit on the screen, you may need to manually insert a line break or use multiple title cards.

  Select fonts, text sizes, and other text options in the Basics section under Final Cut-Pro-Additional Text-Text-Video-Text-Text Box

. If the section is hidden, position the cursor to the left of the undo arrow and click "Show" or double-click the section name to display the section.


Use the "Face" section to change the text color. Controls the appearance of the front or face of the title. iMovie to Final Cut Pro X

Tips and tricks for Final Cut Pro X

  • You can modify the content and appearance of text in the Text Manager panel. Quickly apply styles using built-in presets.
  • Use the transition browser to fade in and fade out titles like any other clip. Click the icon to display the transition browser, then drag the transition you want from the timeline to the purple transition clip.
  • The Three Dimensional option is available in the 3D Text section of the Text Generator Manager panel. When 3D text is turned on, the overall appearance of the title is controlled in that section.
  • Use the check boxes to quickly enable and disable settings in the check box. The undo arrow resets the section to the default value.
  • Titles should not be pushed to the end of the image. On old screens, the title at the edge of the picture is cut off on the TV. Today we do not have that problem, but according to aesthetic conventions, the main title appears in the center of the screen. If there is no artistic reason, follow this rule.


Final Cut's title editor is perfectly suited for most purposes. To create complex titles, create and export fully rendered titles using Apple Motion or Adobe After Effects. You can also create your own title presets in motion or download additional title presets to use them repeatedly in your projects.

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