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Most macOS users do not know how to customize the service menu or whatever they want. The Service menu is the menu that appears when you right-click on the selected item on the screen by default. It can also be accessed from the top level menu of MacOS.

The Services menu has many additional options that allow you to work directly from your application. For example, you can highlight the text of an article and tweet directly from the menu using the Services menu. You can also choose to choose a name and send the message directly to the person in the Service menu. (If contacts were added to your Mac)

This article describes how and how to use the Services menu. Add additional options to the menu.

1. To access the Services menu, select the application name in the top menu bar.

2. Select Services from the menu.

If the menu is empty, don't worry. Click on "System Preferences" to add options to the menu.

    MacOS service system preferences

3. When the System Preferences window opens, make sure that Service is selected in the menu on the left. The second menu (on the right) shows several options that you can add to the Service menu. These options are grouped according to what you are working on, such as images, messages, searches, text, etc.

If you look at the options and guess what, the Services menu is contextual. In other words, the menu that appears depends on the application you are using and what you have selected (items).

    Macos service options

For example, if you select some text, the options you get from The services menu are different from the options you get when you select photos. If you select the service menu from a folder or similar, the same options will be slightly different.

By default, menus are often empty because there are no options associated with the current task. To use the option, check the box next to it.

    Macos Services check box

In addition to enabling certain options, you can choose to add specific keyboard shortcuts. This facilitates the use of options anywhere in macOS without opening the Services menu. To do this, click on "none" next to the option to which you want to add the shortcut and press the desired key at the same time.

    MacOS service shortcut

If you want to reset all keyboard shortcuts and options

How to add additional options to the service

In addition to the service options available for macOS by default, you can also add . Some third-party applications add several options to the menu at the time of installation.

For example, the Evernote installation gives you the option to add the selected text to Evernote. Unfortunately, there is no specific list of whether or not an application adds options to the service menu, but if more application developers are using it, it can greatly enhance your experience with macOS users.

Select a quick custom action in Automator and add it to the service menu. With Automator, you can create custom workflows that add countless options and help you save time on everyday tasks.

Was the Service menu useful? Are there specific menu options that make your life so much easier? Let us know in the comments section below.

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