How Mark Zuckerberg became a wartime CEO

In April 2011, Ben Horowitz wrote a popular blog post about war and business. There are two types of CEOs and co-founders of Andreessen Horowitz. Eric Schmidt has one of the best-expressed "peaceful" CEOs in Google's first decade. There is an "exhibition" CEO who is facing an existential threat. Google CEO Larry Page was the CEO of the show and, along with the succession of Facebook, claimed that Page should adopt a more militant way of thinking. Horowitz writes:

In times of peace, leaders must maximize and expand their present opportunities. As a result, peacetime leaders use technology to encourage a wide range of creativity and contribution through as many different goals as possible. By contrast, exhibits have only one bullet in the showroom and must cover all costs. The survival of the company's exhibits depends on strict adherence and mission coordination.

Seven years later, the CEO of Facebook faced an existential threat and read Ben Horowitz. Deepa Seetharaman over the weekend in the Wall Street Journal :

Mark Zuckerberg said that by the early of this year, he had gathered about 50 top supporters, saying that Facebook was at war and plans to lead the company accordingly.

During times of peace, executives could move more slowly and, depending on those who were accustomed to speaking at the June meeting, so that everyone could make a major decision. But he said that with Facebook, surrounded by lawmakers, investors and angry users, he needs to act more firmly.

Since Zuckerberg made such a statement, the war on Facebook has become more intense. Alex Jones had an argument. There was a data leak. Last week there was a fake news scandal by Definers. The call for Zuckerberg to become president, or even CEO, is getting bigger in the short term, even if there is little such movement.

But hold the General for a while. What is his best distributor? According to sources, Sheryl Sandberg has received a dressing down in spring of Cambridge Analytica's personal information infringement scandal,

This spring, Zuckerberg told Sandberg. Journal aged 49, is a research analyst who uses politics to improperly access personal data about Cambridge analysts and Facebook users, according to people familiar with the exchange, I was accused of.

Sandberg later wondered if she needed to worry about her job as friends listened to her.

Sandberg issued mea culpa to employees on Friday for hire of the definers. Employees portrayed Facebook as flattering and criticizing their enemies as "in-house fake news shops" to spread to the media ecosystem. Mike Isaac reports:

Ms. Sandberg, who attended the session, added, "I totally accept the responsibility for Definers," according to two people familiar with the conversation. "It's up to me."

This story is unprecedented in one of the most famous partnerships in the tech world. Sandberg, who is considered natural for transforming Facebook business into a global giant, has not found himself defensively for a long period of time. And I can not recall that the word is afraid of being leaked and being fired.

As I read the story of Journal I wonder who Sandberg's anecdote has helped. And the answer that I kept coming back – everyone involved. In the case of Zuckerberg, the exhibition CEO takes responsibility. In Sandberg, the Chief Operating Officer (COO) is responsible for her mistakes (lightly!) And delivers ideas that make her more respectful. On Facebook, it shows the company acting decisively in times of trouble.

Of course, it would be best if was not . Tension between CEO and COO. But Facebook can easily put them into productive tensions to achieve a very open goal of fixing the company. Zuckerberg said last week that Sandberg "is a very important partner to me" and will continue to be and will continue.

It was a long time before Facebook to rethink its communications strategy, though it was fictional in June, led by Elliot Schrage.

This strategy, born out of Washington politics, has been championed by Schrage, Sandberg and policy director Joel Kaplan, who has been criticized internally for focusing on crisis communication, bipartisan politics, and occasional stain campaigns.

The disadvantages of this strategy seemed to be the deepest in the company's product sector, why only a handful of them have become bad, and this year, Explain that they have implemented their own communications strategy. Product executives, including Andrew Bosworth and Adam Mosseri, began direct contact with reporters on Twitter, providing frank insight into a variety of topics.

The story is now being overseen by Sandberg, and I have noticed that criticism of the COO, a person who could never compromise in technology last week, was suddenly much more publicly documented But the more I plan on Zuckerberg's future, the more important Sandberg I see. Whatever her flaws are, he runs daily work while planning a road in a very turbulent industry. She is rather a policy and communication organization that wants to delegate to others Manage.

Sandberg is reputation. Currently Facebook to do anything for money, and her favorite is needed more than Facebook Facebook peacetime there would have been difficult to find a new Facebook COO.


Now eight lawmakers are calling for an answer to Zuckerberg's Facebook scandal.

More efforts are needed for policy and communication teams.

Facing the pressure that Facebook's founder must accept.

& # 39; Nothing on this page is true & # 39 ;: Online How false is true in America

Everyone is. On Facebook, there is a conservative temptation "satire" of viral tendencies and a cynical progressive writer who writes an elderly woman in a rural Nevada who does not understand jokes and shares them. Eli Saslow ) We talk about story. It was beautifully reported, but it was too emotional for both of them. The former is benefiting from the worst kind of fearmongering. The latter is a non-repentant racist.

Instagram removes and follows the fake likes.

Instagram should have a positive impact on hacking engagement activities through fake accounts and disrupting coordinated impact campaigns. Shannon Liao reports:

Instagram wants to fight more fake favorite people, then people, comments by actively removing. The fake likelihood and follow-up of accounts that want to gain more engagement with third-party services will be removed as a part of today's policy change, in violation of the platform's community guidelines and terms and conditions.

Facebook Fallout Ruptures Democratic longtime alliance with Silicon Valley

Nicholas Confessore and Matthew Rosenberg report that technology companies should not meet many friends in the new Democratic Congress.

Many Democrats are too slow for Facebook, Google, and Twitter to challenge harsh speeches and misinformation on their platforms. Trump pleaded guilty in August to Google's dismissal of his coalition to protect businesses from political pressure.

Facebook Political Ad

Issie Lapowsky announced the profile of Concealed Online, a "for-profit company that offers online courses and sells online certifications for Virginia's secret mobile rifle permits." They've spent more than $ 2 million on Facebook ads, and they seem to help them keep their virulence by causing political divisions. The company has received a F grade from the Better Business Bureau:

[The ads] "Emergency warnings like firearms regulators are totally losing their rights to the second amendment!" Feature! Keep track of your hidden credentials online fast! online! It's free, easy, and still legal! Ignore your risk. "Nevertheless, the owner of the concealed online rejects the idea that this is somehow a political advertisement." It all depends on the intent of the ad. What is the call for action? 100% of our call for action is: Click here to purchase the product. "He says."

Facebook promises £ 4.5m to train local journalists in the UK.

Here is something I have not seen. Facebook has 4.5 million pounds. Jon Porter is training 80 UK journalists as part of the new "Community News Project".

The plan was designed to encourage more reporting in villages where local journalists have seen disappearing. The Facebook Journalism project saw the Facebook journalism project declare its support for "healthy news ecosystem" on Facebook. The Facebook Journalism project is criticized for being a platform where the platform is a fake misunderstanding. At the time, Facebook called local newspapers "the starting place for great journalism." This new fund appears to be part of a two-step effort to promote quality journalism and tackle social network review teams. Fake news.

Media wants congress aimed at Facebook and Google

Steven Perlberg is a media company group seeking antitrust immunity to plan to prevent Google and Facebook ad duplication I posted the latest article on.

As questions about Washington and Democrats taking over the prime minister for the first time for Big Tech, news executives now began to believe that they were shot again.

Newspapers are in operation and media executives lobby representatives. As the new parliament appears, what they are currently fighting is limited by current federal antitrust regulations and is a permission to cooperate with Google and Facebook to negotiate terms for distributing content around requirements such as customer data . Although there is no head spin to navigate Trump's Washington – especially in the case of news businesses that are constantly challenging the "fake news" attack – they may feel like they have a game playbook that can finally make money.

Tim Cook protects Google search deals despite Apple's privacy concerns.

After paying billions of dollars to Google, Apple adopted a user privacy approach. Axios asked Tim Cook about it.

"I think their [Google’s] search engine is the best, check what we've done with the controls we've built and we use personal web browsing," Cook said. "We have intelligent tracker protection, what we've tried is to find a way to help the user through the course of the day, which is not perfect, and I will be the first to say that."

In India, nationalism, the driving force of fake news, shows the results of the study.

The details of this BBC survey, first mentioned in India and other countries' social media last week, are interesting. Here's how Indians respond to a lot of news on their smartphone:

The problem is getting worse with the flood of digital information spreading in 2018. Participants in the BBC study seldom asked the original source of a fake news message and found a reliable alternative to the information.

You can send a number of comments to a Facebook post, the image type of your post, or a WhatsApp message your sender received from your home and friend without having to trust it.

Samarth Bansal and Snigdha Poonam found hate speech problems.

Fake news and hateful remarks flourish in local language social media.

A study by the Hindustan Times found that more than 5 million users are registered with local language social media platforms such as ShareChat and Helo, which have 50 million registered users.

From shameless lies to partially true polarizations and violent hate speech, American social media giants such as Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp face the same challenges as fierce research.

In Digital India, the government has a free call in hand to get a ballot.

There is a new secret to good old-fashioned political bribery. Vindu Goel and Suhasini Raj announced that India is distributing smartphones to voters.

BJP's digital campaigns are the latest twists to control national and state governments and use tools like WhatsApp groups and Facebook posts. It affects voters. B.J.P. The Rajasthan government, which holds state elections next month, also subsidizes telephone and data plans for its residents, and the party leadership is considering expanding the model to other states.

British Army Secret War Machine

Information on the 77th Brigade of the Army of the United States Army that edited Carl Miller video, recorded podcasts, and wrote a virus post in the name of the Information War:

": The voice of the British army. But messaging campaigns can also be "gray" and "black" when it is understood that they are proportional and necessary to narrow the audience, put them in conflict, and do so. "Anti-piracy, revolt and anti-terrorism," he explained. The message does not necessarily have to say the truth even if it does not appear to come from the military.

Philippine Government Threatens Rappler

Brian Stelter talks to Maria Ressa, Rappler's founder and editor. Rodrigo Duterte has been in prison for the past 10 years for reporting true to the regime. "The ultimate goal in all of these cases is political harassment," she says. "


Inside of the priceless war that affects Instagram feeds

Philippine Martineau is a popular producer of Instagram's Explore the world of influential people. Promote your product for $ 75,000 without disclosing your money. It is holistic and the FTC must tightly control practices.

Many users do not consider influential people as paid endorsers or salespeople. A significant percentage, but trustworthy professionals, friends and "real" people. This perceived authenticity is part of the reason why the brand makes a lot of money in return for the simple appearance of the Instagram feed.

Influential people who take many follow-up actions "do not promote products without compensation," said cosmetic developer Kevin James Bennett. And a consultant dealing with brands that are interested in influential marketing. (19659067)

The new Instagram bug poses a security problem Well, it looks bad Sarah Kuranda and Reed Albergotti report:

Instagram accidentally misplaced passwords

McDonald & # 39; s happy meal & # 39 ;: Facebook video ad is a great way to keep your videos safe and secure.

Kerry Flynn says Facebook's video ad is making money for anyone

But a qualified creator says he can not make a meaningful return to Digiday Advertising time on Facebook Even if you have a large Facebook audience, US-based producers who use Facebook Watch can expect to see about 5 When distributing videos across more than a million pages, the episode show was priced at less than $ 100 per video. British filmmakers said the latest video, with 6.4 million views, was lower than the happy meal price of McDonald's after the currency conversion.

Facebook executives independent investigate unarmed brothers

A video earlier this year about a deadly encounter between the police and her brother, Chinedu Valentine Okobi, suggests that Facebook executive, Ebele Okobi,

The big idea of ​​a founder reviving the fate of BuzzFeed – a merger with a competitor

Jonah Peretti of BuzzFeed CEO of the company merged with five or six other large digital media companies If you say it can better compete with Facebook and Google. We also introduce paid membership for BuzzFeed and include additional emails and additional emails at a price of $ 100 a year.

Tumblr is missing from the Apple App Store.

I think the app is missing from the iOS Apple App Store on Tumblr, my beloved porn site.

Reddit's brand and agency roadshow attracted more advertising dollars.

Kerry Flynn reports that Reddit is promoting and being successful as a non-toxic source of digital advertising.

19659080] "Reddit has had a great year, and they've made a serious design change to improve the desktop and mobile so that they can create a serious premium sense and brand their ads," Perse said. "We have not had more customers in retail and entertainment yet, but we have more customers in retail and entertainment."

Redesigning iOS apps to reduce followers on Twitter

According to a Twitter spokesperson, Twitter has made a new redesign effort to make font size smaller, making it less noticeable in iOS apps. CEO Jack Dorsey has repeatedly said that the company wants to rethink how to prioritize "meaningful" conversations beyond the number of Retwitt, likes, and more.

YouTube now streams ad-supported feature films for free

You can watch free ad-supported movies on YouTube, including Legally Blonde and . Rock

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