How low-paid Microsoft contractors train Cortana by listening to you

motherboard contractor contractors not only allow human contractors to listen to some of Skype and Cortana voice recordings, but also receive poor pay from contract employees and take on repetitive tasks. And thanks to this new report we got an idea of ​​what the contractors are doing with the Cortana recordings they are actually listening to.

Motherboard Only importers of $ 12 – $ 14 per hour are expected to record and classify Cortana voices. Command for more than 20 subject areas including games, email, communication, events, home automation and media control. This recorded recording is used to teach the Cortana assistant to better understand speech. The contractor must carry out 200 classifications in an hour every 3 minutes or an average of 18 seconds per hour. According to a contract with the motherboard, they are likely to receive an additional bonus of $ 1 per hour.

Big tech companies have recently been scrutinized how to use their workforce to enhance and provide services. These companies like to portray what AI has done, but recent research has shown that the work of poorly paid people is repeated. Microsoft's contractor listening to Cortana audio is one small example. On the other hand, Facebook's content moderators are regularly exposed to very shocking photos and videos and work in terrible conditions as reported by Verge . [19659004] In addition to Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, Google, and Facebook, I found that contractors quietly listen to recorded conversations through the product. Apple, Google, and Facebook all paused the practice of reviewing audio using humans, but it doesn't seem to be Microsoft pressing Pause. So far, the company has updated its privacy policy to Cortana and Skype Translator.

Microsoft declined to comment on this article.

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