How Facebook polarized us during the Kavanaugh hearings

Polarization of US voters appeared before Facebook arrived at the scene. But the crucial question for social networks is whether virus epidemiology and virus dynamics on YouTube, Twitter and other platforms have accelerated the disruption.

Today we are the phenomenon. The first relates to the fight surrounding Brett Kavanaugh being confirmed to the Supreme Court. During the general decline of sharing news stories on Facebook, the heated battle over Kavanaugh was the best actor on the site.

Daily Wire's main article on Kavanaugh's confirmation appeared on October 1, titled "Five-Page 5 Ford is trying to tear her case apart". "Craig Silverman, Craig Silverman notes," and more than 200,000 contracts have been concluded. "Bill Clinton rapist Accan Juanita Broaddrick dismissed the Kavanaugh hearing and gave a number to the Biggest Double Standard." […]

Kavanaugh – Demo's main article on Ford "Matt Damon ruined Kavanaugh and Senate Republicans at the funny SNL Cold Open. Another story about Kavanaugh's confirmation is that "Bernie Sanders has asked Kavanaugh to investigate the five lies that Kavanaugh said at the hearing." [449005] CNN and others surpassed this link, but Just as Facebook has squeezed the amount of news in the news feed, this fight has given life to the hard-liners who are struggling this year, complements the email list and creates new advertising revenue,

On the other hand, the Facebook group is being polarized by a simple name change, Kevin Roose wrote Twitter about the phenomenon earlier this week. One of the big Kavanaugh groups was formerly the "ISIS SUPPORT GROUP" and "WHO FARTED" !!!! "Tony Rom, Washington Post Romm says:

The liquidity of this group shows that the powerful tools of the social networking tycoon for political and community organizations remain a major risk to propagate false information and increase anxiety. With Facebook fighting against illegal activities online, the election in 2018 is only a few weeks away. In his speech in 2017, Groups is committed to the promise of Facebook's CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, to "strengthen the online community to strengthen the physical community." However, the group owner can rename and re-group the group while retaining the original membership.

Facebook began showing a two-year history of changing the names of all groups to improve transparency last month. "This change not only provides more information and insight into the group, but also enhanced the accountability of the group manager," said Andy Stone, a spokesman. Particularly with the Ford group, Facebook is investigating its recent, whip effect on late Thursday.

Meanwhile, the problem group here is small with less than 10,000 members in between. On the other hand, the effort to promote polarization is evolving with the platform. Easily changing the name of the group made it easier to get general interest groups such as "WHO FARTED" into a conservative base.

I think that a Facebook employee can see these two things. Stories and reactions: This is the biggest story in America right now. Of course, social networks are exploding and of course people are taking sides. But how fast and far, still, the sharp voice of the voyage travels across the platform, and how services for building communities appear as an engine of tribalism.


Joel Kaplan of Facebook acknowledges Kavanaugh's mistake at a hard company meeting

Joel Kaplan, vice president of world public policy, told the angry staff to support his friend Brett Kavanaugh in today's Supreme Court hearing He said he committed a mistake. He was charged with sexual assault. David McCabe, Mike Allen, Kim Hart:

This facebook employee described the meeting as "intense" and did not express hostility to people, Adding that he could not express more suspicions.

Britain's cyber security agency charges alleged corruption of Amazon China

There is no reason for UK cyber security agencies to question Apple and Amazon on Friday, Bloomberg reported. Google CEO quietly met with the army. AI

Sundar Pichai made an unannounced visit to the Pentagon when Defense Secretary Tony Romm and Drew Harwell visited the Pentagon.

We met mainly with civilians and military leaders. In the US Department of Defense's office, the director of the Department of Defense said he supervised an artificial intelligence unmanned system known as Project Maven.

Smaller stores reduce Facebook promotions and scrap than new ad rules.

Mathew Ingram says some news outlets are reluctant to register as political advertisers and are stopping Facebook ads.

Ultimately, Haussamen says that Facebook does not spend money on promoting content. Though it did not cost $ 70 or $ 80 a month, the NMPolitics publisher said it thought it was an important symbolic move. Ironically, he did not spend money promoting posts, so the engagement on the site's posts actually went up, but the amount of Facebook traffic on his site was stable. "Whatever the intentions of Facebook, from my point of view, Facebook has completely failed." I am getting less money and better participation on their platforms.

The last Jedi Russian troll study shows that we still do not know how to interpret the speech online

At the beginning of this week The Verge The Last Jedi . Bijan Stephen and Adi Robertson, who argue that Russian trolls raise tensions, are listening to the story again and talk to the author, which does not just fit the survey:

This paper is an explicit adjustment that causes artificial political disputes Which means that many real and personal humans have decided to express a serious political view of the film, but the structure of the study is part of a single phenomenon called "deliberately organized political influence measurement" or As part of a single phenomenon called "social media manipulation" in the paper title [19659026]

The Kleber Bridge analysts scandal demanded that the Channel 4 news be abolished and handed over to his source

Carole Cadwalladr said that Cambridge, which shook Facebook earlier this year, Mark DiStefano's Frivolous Story

Fake Facebook Profile and Dating in Afghanistan

Maija Liuhto is a member of the Afghan government,

Due to religious and cultural norms that prohibit pre-marital relationships, until recently, there has been little date in Afghanistan. Communication was too difficult During the Taliban rule, people had to make international calls across the Pakistani border (domestic calls were not easy). With the advent of affordable smartphones and affordable mobile internet, today about 90% of Afghanistan's population is mobile Available. Even the poorest people can use Facebook. While telegraphic relationships are still taboo, social media has provided the younger generation with the secret means of online dating.

"Boys usually use this technique to reach the girl they want," says Naweed. 18 year old male A student of Kabul with fake female facebook profile for over a year. (He asked me to reveal his name only because he did not approve of his family's dating.) "I was having fun with the girls and I enjoyed it a lot." Many men initially have their real profile; If this fails, it will depend on creating a fake account.

Teenagers are nostalgic for 2015.

Obviously this is one of the strangest effects of the Trump presidency. Extreme short-term perfume. Interesting story of Julia Reinstein:

Yes. 2015 was not that long. But most of these monuments are teenage girls who are now high school students. 19159036] BuzzFeed News, a teenager who runs a @glossberry account, said the nostalgia for 2015 is "a great time for everyone," so it's "big." "People are not that far away.

Launch of Facebook Lite for iOS in Turkey

The abandoned version of popular apps have gained popularity in the last few years, but they are generally only available on Android (low- But it often appeals to users who prefer a lightweight application that does not have the ability to function.) Facebook is currently testing the iOS version of its lite app in Turkey (19659040).

The Internet Bill of Rights

Kara Swisher, in talks with Nara Pelosi, said the Democrats will regulate the Internet if they regulate the Internet.

For example, the first principle clearly addresses the issues that seem dead and should belong to the law of the early 2000s. Access to and knowledge of all collections and uses (some companies voluntarily follow these rules already, but some of them are not required by federal law).

The second says consumers must get permission. "Use the" opt out "system rather than the" opt out "system before collecting data and sharing it with a third party.

Finally …

Dad's interest

Today's social media hero Neil Haldar, a member of Pinterest dads, my favorite demographic.

Neil Haldar, a divorced father of a 15-year-old son and a 12-year-old daughter, When he visits once a month he finds Pinterest recipes and projects that can range from dinosaur-themed dioramas to dry ice volcanoes. He does not bake the lime pie, he also said, "It's also useful for planning a trip and finding a charm familiar to children." [19659045] "I get a phone call, hey man, no friend who has a nice recipe, for the key lime pie that is not baked?" Haldar says. "So Pinterest has become my goal from a trending perspective. Now, I have a place where I can find and search for answers that seem to be behind me, and it becomes a better dad for me."

– Pinterest Dads

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