How do you know it

Well, it's official: the weekend starts here.

Not because I spent 1700 on a Friday in Europe, not because I went at noon in New York City on a Friday, and not because it was already Saturday. Asia and Australia

No, it's because it's a Friday afternoon at the end of June, and Slack is gone. That means that all the important work you planned to do through the natter application cannot be done reliably, in any case.

Technically speaking, we are told that there is a "degraded service that affects multiple functions" and, for multiple reasons, Slack means all of them: from logins to messages, calls and previews of links, everything is FUBAR in this moment.

From 0454 PDT (1154 UTC) today, the IRC-on-steroids chat application, widely used in companies and personally by Internet users. , has struggled to deliver messages to people and, sometimes, repeating letters several times.

  The team of office workers is on several monitors

Productivity bumps: I have 99 Slacks, but my work is not done


For the 0700 PDT, the newcomer just entered publicly On the San Francisco list, he stated: "Many of our users may still have problems with various Slack services. We are working on a solution."

Half an hour later, the developer thought things had returned to normal. Then, their engineers realized that all was not well, that the solutions implemented for downtime did not work properly.

"There is still no news to share about a resolution, but continue to let us know if you have any problems. After reloading. We will be back with more updates soon," Team Slack said right after lunch.

"Some users have reported intermittent connectivity issues. We continue to work hard to reach a full resolution."

Simply put, try pressing Control or Command-R in your Slack applications to force an update, cross your fingers, be patient, or maybe just sign and hit the bar, gym, park, home or whatever to be. We will let you know if things improve. Meanwhile, we will only put this in … ®

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