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In a recent survey, there was only one mobile app, but the Internet browser had a higher priority than other browsers. These modest software applications are often regarded as natural, despite the fact that they make a great contribution to making the Internet vivid.

How can these browsers make money when considering offering free services? Typically, we assume "advertising money," but that's only part of the overall revenue mix. Here we look at some popular browsers and their unique revenue approach.

1 Mozilla Firefox

You will not be surprised that the Mozilla Foundation is no longer a non-profit organization. According to the latest financial statements, the company earned $ 562 million in 2017, of which 96 percent.

 Mozilla Revenues

Mozilla has registered with Google as the default search engine for Firefox Quantum. While we do not disclose accurate revenue sharing, it is safe to assume that this transaction is very important. You might think that Google actually owns Mozilla Firefox. There is a possibility that the contract can not be renewed in November 2020. However, if a Firefox user searches the Web for more than 100 billion times a year, Google will not pull the rug under it.

That does not prevent Google from harassing Firefox users, however. You can see that the two browsers are still competing in the same market.

 Block blocked Android flights on Android

Mozilla has flagged Google Flights as blocked on the Firefox Android app, as all tweets show. Yandex in Russia and Baidu in China. We also want to diversify into Firefox pockets and user-centered ads and even sell ad impressions.

2. Safari

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As with the Firefox revenue model, Safari earns royalties from search engines, especially Google. With the exception of Safari, Firefox is more influential than Firefox, considering Google recently paid $ 12 billion to continue using it as its default search engine. With hundreds of millions of iPhone and Mac users, Apple can continue to stay in good shape with Google. Safari has become the richest browser since Chrome.

3. Microsoft Edge


Like Google Adwords, Microsoft Edge's primary revenue comes from the Bing search engine. However, the market share of 4% is not expected to increase very soon, but it is having trouble catching up with Chrome. Bing ad revenue also fell 7% in the fourth quarter of 2018, indicating that the downturn has not ended. Even if Microsoft believes that it can not beat Google in its own game, it is your only hope to continue to reward users with gifts and coupons for using Bing and Edge.

4. Opera

Opera is one of the more modest browsers, and seems to have completed a knowledge of how to make profitable browsers. With 228 million users worldwide, Opera grew revenue by 28-34% year over year. There is a partnership with Firefox's search engine (Yandex in Russia, Baidu in China, Google in other places), but there are other technologies worth mentioning.

 Opera Feature

For one, Opera is licensing transactions to many websites such as and Ebay. It also has device-level agreements with smartphone companies such as Oppo and Xiaomi.

5. Brave

 The best web browsers Linux Brave

The Brave browser takes pride in being personal, safe and fast. Using ad blockers and zero-log policies is a great browser. But they have to make money. To do this, they use a decryption known as a primary attention token (BAT). As with Microsoft Rewards, users receive paid BAT units for their use of the service. We are also partnering with HTC Exodus, the first block chain phone.


We found that there is a completely different revenue strategy for each browser. Google has not mentioned Chrome on this list because of two of Google's benefits in generating search advertising revenue. This unique position becomes a scary player who leaves behind everyone with long scams. Due to the massive ad revenue component, we rarely need to adopt interesting ways to pursue other browsers.

What do you think is the best way to make money in your browser? Please let us know in your feedback.

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