How Congress missed another chance to hold big tech accountable

Sometimes the entire tech press gathered together on Twitter for the same event live for hours, then wrote a series of blog posts about how things did not happen. This case is known as the Congressional hearing, and today we have witnessed the end of the year.

Sundar Pichai finally spoke for 3 months and 30 minutes to parliament on Tuesday after a decent acting over a few months as few as possible. The House of Representatives Justice Committee hearing was defined as the broad interest of the Senate, just like the old Facebook Hearing.

Why was the reason for the question of Zoe Lofgren (D-CA)? Adi Robertson answered correctly.

News outlet reported on Trump 's "stupid" results earlier this year. Now, when you search for terms, you can get most of the pictures from the picture that explains why the incident actually happened. It appears to be the result of an outside organization that plays Google's search results, a well-known tactic known as "Google bombing."

Trump is not the first president to be bombed by Google. The "miserable failure" in the mid – 2000s made the outcome of President George Bush famous. It can be a politicized (or funny) extension of normal SEO tactics. In this case, the Trump picture assures us that Trump Picture is the person most wanted when searching for "fools" by voting or linking up posts with a combination of the words and images.

Then Steve [R-IA] asked Google CEO Pichai to explain why her daughter's iPhone behaved strangely.

"I have a seven-year-old granddaughter who was called during the election, and she's playing a little game like a little child," King told Picha. "And there is a picture of her grandfather, which will not be documented in what language was used around her grandfather's paintings, but I ask you: How does that child appear on a 7 year old iPhone, "

Adi Robertson also opened one of them.

While King's statement is unclear, her grandmother's iPhone (or Android phone) is likely to show a notification card for news articles. Although the language around his photographs can remain a mystery forever, the campaign season does not have a writer who has a strong impression of King's numerous racist and anti-immigrant statements, or he supports Canadian white nationalist market candidates. Anyway, at the hearing, King suggested that Congress should check the social media profile of Googlers in order to monitor political trends, so confusing problem solicitation probably was the least of Pichai's worries.

It is worth noting, however, that it attempted to reach the bottom of the Project Dragonfly situation before being completely rejected by Congress. Is Google building a censored search engine for China? Do not many internal opinions agree? Is not it? Ryan Gallagher is in The Intercept .

Pichai repeatedly insisted that Dragonfly is "an internal effort" and that Google is currently "not planning to launch a search service in China". "We will not provide surveillance and inspection tools in China," Pichai replied, "I think it is ideal to explore the possibilities at all times, saying that it is not a promise to provide information to users." … We will be very thoughtful, progressive and engaged extensively. "

Pichai's claim that there is no plan to launch a search engine in China is a leaked record from a private meeting inside the company. In this report, Ben Gomes's chief of search will aim to provide this service from January to April 2019 There is only one possibility for Pichai's statement to Congress: The company has unveiled its first interception project in August

Despite follow-up by Congressman, it has not penetrated many new barriers In a follow – up interview in the Washington Post Pichai seems to suggest that Project Dragonfly could be something other than search: "We will explore and serve Chinese users in areas such as education and healthcare. Can you finish the market research? We are trying to understand the market. . ")

Reporters Why is this good luck and better blood than differences Parliament (Pichai)? Shira Ovide asks for responsibility for the bizarre structure of this hearing. It provides the greatest opportunity for witnesses to get out of question.

Pichai says that this Chinese project is "exploratory" and will be transparent if it goes ahead. That's not a good enough answer. He needs to identify the number of people working on the project, the criteria for reviewing China's Web search, and whether Google will create a tool for the Chinese government to monitor their citizens without knowledge.

Obviously, I do not want to repeat the old ludicrous idea that Congressmen can not understand the way technology companies work or are not willing to understand. Some lawmakers cast a big question on Tuesday. Some of them were not. But I do not think this format is a good way to determine public policy. 1 The thrilling theme of the power of a big technology company is much better in every way.

What will help? A protester of basic platform literacy; I expect a non-response from a technology CEO. Additional perforating scripting questions; Coordinate attack paths with your peers. He will also try to discuss the proposed solution with the CEO. You will have to bring a question about the actual policy to the table, rather than just a simple tug.

CEOs in the technology field are better able to answer the spirit of the council's questions. The lawmakers misunderstand the details. Even if it is not clear why parliamentarians have often come to bizarre and conscientious conclusions, Congressional concerns are clear. For example, Pichai could spend more time explaining why there is a strong financial motive without political bias in search results.

Maybe next year.

Russia penalizes Google for failing to comply with search result bills: TASS

Russia issued the smallest penalty issued against Google.

Russia's 500,000 rubles ($ 7,530) from Russia The Russian government cited TASS news agency on Tuesday because it did not comply with legal requirements to remove certain items from the TASS news agency search results.

Russia said it filed a civil lawsuit against Google last month. Moscow has not signed up for a national registry with a list of prohibited Web sites that contain illegal information and do not consider it to be law-abiding.

Leaked Audio unveils conservative struggle for courtship. [19659027] Nitasha Tiku keeps leaked audio in March about what Googlers have been trying to win from conservatives.

The New York Times in February searched the regulator to overpower its promising competitors by abusing its dominance. The next day, two conservative think tank representatives attacked an article that defended Google for blog defense and demanded antitrust law enforcement. Both institutions have received funding from Google. Both of the blog posts referenced the research that the professor who received funding from Google. In one post, the study was published in a quarterly journal owned by a third think tank, and Google was also funded by Google.

Three weeks later, at a companywide meeting on March 1, Google's public policy team described audio recordings of meetings reviewed by WIRED as a result of Google's efforts to build deeper relationships with conservatives . A controversial hourly meeting record shows how Google thinks about relationships in Washington, DC, sensitivity to political bias, and how executives explain how they disagree with Google's values. 19659030] Political tweets "infowars" and Russia: How the fake news procession became mainstream

Were there any reports about the anti-detention aquarium in the Russian influence campaign?

LinkedIn co – founder sponsors $ 35 million voter data project on Existing Threat to the Democratic Party

LinkedIn co – founder Reid Hoffman gave a Democrat a $ 3,500 We plan to spend a million dollar voter database.

When tens of millions of dollars are spent, people behind Hoffman-sponsored projects can eventually create their voter files and make Democratic files less valuable. But the process will take many years to complete by 2020 and is almost impossible.

As a result, the DNC official says the committee is passionate about working with Hoffman or perhaps joining forces with him [19659036]

Despite the pledge to clean up the problematic & # 39; video, Flourish on YouTube.

Craig Timberg, Elizabeth Dwoskin, Tony Romm and Andrew Ba Tran are new to the content genre that includes YouTube Search. I find horrible things and then write about the article.

YouTube is especially useful for and 4chan users, especially social media sites that are popular with hate groups but lack their video capacity. Users of this site will be linked to YouTube to track the spread of hateful remarks, data and social and network infection institute's recent work thousands of times a day than other websites.

The platform routinely provides video supporting the Neonats. A false report describing people of dark skin color with violent barbarians and conspiracies argues that a number of famous politicians and celebrities are molesting children. Critics point out that even if YouTube drops an average of millions of videos each month, it is not easy to identify the content at issue and is too generous to allow the remaining content.

PewDiePie is a disgusting, Semitic YouTube channel

PewDiePie, the most popular producer on YouTube, has a history of bad behavior. Most recently, he has promoted a channel that is famous for its abominable content, and Julia Alexander reports:

E, R's video is unstable. They are often used to impersonate movies, animations, or cartoon critics to convey anti-Semitic and hateful thoughts or images. This is particularly unsettling when it comes to Kjellberg, who dealt with his debate after showing the men holding the sign "Death of All Jews" in 2017.

Facebook hires engineers and researchers for the blockchain team

The current bear market in cryptocurrency makes it easier or harder for Facebook to hire a block chain team.

Facebook (via SludgeFeed) is adding data scientists, data engineers, and a few software engineers to a growing block-chain team, according to Career Page.

"This is the start on Facebook, with the vision to make the block chain team blower chain technology Facebook-scale," says the ad. "It 's small, but fast – growing, but I'm passionate about changing the world into talented people."

Social media outpaced American newspapers from news sources.

One in five Americans said they frequently receive news via social media, according to new Pew data, and get news from a 16% newspaper. Elisa Shearer:

On the whole, TV is still the most popular platform for news consumption. Though TV usage has declined since 2016, news websites are the next most popular source, followed by radio, and finally social media sites and newspapers. Looking at the rate of online news usage, which is the percentage of Americans who often get the news from news websites or social media – The web is closed on TV as a news source (43% of adults receive news

Some users want to travel to New York to personally teach Facebook about their personal information.Personally the surreal dignity of the Facebook personalized pop-up kiosk. Nicolas Vega (Nicolas) in Midtown on Thursday Vega Report:

Khaliah Barnes, Facebook's privacy and public policy manager, said "it was a difficult year and people have many questions." The Post I wanted a chance to talk face to face. "

Visit the kiosk next to Bryant Park's Holiday Market.

Facebook is bringing back search ads

Re-introducing search ads to offset Facebook's revenue will mean that important new sales Growth is rapidly declining as newsfeed ads disappear from the ad space – the story format that advertisers are still adopting will overtake the sharing of feeds from social apps and users will move to other places. In the third quarter of the year, revenue grew 33% from a year ago, but decreased 49% from a year ago and 59% from the third quarter of 2016. Opening new ad inventory for search can bring back disposal revenue. Growth rates combined with security scandals were measured by Facebook leaders Mark Zuckerberg and Cheryl Sand Him (Sheryl Sandberg) is added and tremendous pressure.

Instagram is testing creator accounts for high-profile influencers.

Instagram says "Creator account

Delete all apps

The aftermath of the New York Times tells app developers how to use and exploit Location History data Jason Koebler says it's time to remove all apps

Because I believed that I could make more money, Facebook made WhatsApp, a free app that can earn me $ 1 a year, as a "free" service. .

What this means is that the dominant business model of smartphones is based on monetization of monetization and it's obsessive to app privileges. If this is a nuisance, you can completely eliminate your smartphone, rethink the app you want to install on your phone, and act accordingly.

Facebook uses more cash than stock repurchases

Shira Ovide did not plan to spend $ 9 billion on Facebook to buy his stock

If you wrote a short list, I will hire more moderators to do the terrible things related to election campaigns and elections that are liars … Phone calls and alterations to violence in Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and other Facebook-owned hangouts. Increasing your investment in cybersecurity to do more to help Facebook use it as a propaganda tool or to prevent thieves from damaging tens of millions of accounts using Facebook software loopholes may not hurt Facebook is a technology company I was able to write more policies to formulate and prepare more stringent regulations for

At last …

Twitter is a story of a company that does not stop hitting himself often, and CEO Doyey's public memorial to the recent Burmese meditation retreats

If Dorsey was executed by his competent public relations staff, his planned tweet was all Gate. Instead, he is left to explain Twitter's view of encouraging free expression in the context of his meditative tastes. I said it yesterday and I will say it again. The best way to discuss your silent meditation recess is to be as quiet as possible.

Please tell me.

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