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How to remove Smadav Antivirus completely on a Windows 10 laptop

How to remove Smadav Antivirus completely on a Windows 10 laptop – How to remove Smadav Antivirus on this laptop is for the latest version of Smadav . Unlike the previous version of Smadav in 2016, the delete button is still displayed on the Smadav home page.

A different version of the year does not matter if we only want to remove the Smadav antivirus, but the problem now is that Smadav is not like the previous Smadav. Previously, all the functions of Smadav can be accessed for free, but unfortunately, the free version can only take advantage of two functions, namely the scanner function and the update function.

Previously, the Smadav antivirus was a non-profit antivirus, maybe now the developers are beginning to think about how to keep Smadav changing the latest version to commercial. Inevitably, Smadav users will switch to the pro version if they use the latest update. Download the latest version of the Smadav antivirus if you do not already have it.

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How to remove Smadav Antivirus on a laptop with Windows 10

In the previous article, I explained the tutorial on how to temporarily disable Smadav antivirus, maybe this method is not suitable .

  • Notice the order of the commands then click on the start menu of your computer, then select the configuration menu
  • Then the Windows Settings window will appear, scroll down to find and click on the application menu
  • Then a new window appears, scroll down and look for the Smadav icon, click on the icon, then on the Modify and Uninstall menu, select Uninstall to remove Smadav
  • Then the light brown window as shown below, click the Yes button
  • Then a new SMADAV Uninstall window appears, just click on the Yes button
  • The Smadav antivirus removal process is in progress, wait until a notification appears if Smadav has been removed successfully, then click on OK

The next one of the previous steps Ho w Complete Removal d e Smadav Antivirus in Windows 10 laptops | To leave no trace of the Smadav installation file on your computer, you can enter Windows Explorer on partition C and then delete it. The way to look at the image below:

  • Press the two keyboard keys with the Windows logo and the E alphabet simultaneously to open the Windows Explorer window
  • Click on the C partition, search and find the Smadav folder in Program Files (x86)> Smadav folder
  • Right click on the Smadav folder, then select the Delete menu and then click on the Continue button to delete it

So far, the installed Smadav application and the remaining installation folder has been completely removed. from your PC and laptop.

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