How China complicates Apple’s chest-thumping about privacy

Our biggest technology companies generally do not publicly criticize each other. But over the past year, Apple CEO Tim Cook has turned away a full-fledged investigation into Facebook and Google.

On Wednesday, Cook delivered his strong criticism of an ad-supported tech giant. James Vincent of The Verge :

At a privacy conference in Brussels, Cook gave a passionate and intense speech. He has repeatedly used familiar words such as Apple's commitment to privacy (19459006 rivalry is lacking), expressing public concern about information gathering, monitoring and manipulation. ] Cook said modern technology has created a data industrial complex in which private and everyday information is "weapons supplied to us by military efficiency." He added that this mechanism affects not only individuals but all societies.

Algorithm feed and how he got abused. "The platforms and algorithms that we promise to improve our lives can actually extend our worst human traits, even malicious actors and governments will deepen our divisions, instigate violence and share our common perception of facts and falsehoods. We have used user trust to compromise. This crisis is a reality. "

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Cook's speech had important and unspoken elements of self-interest. The general reader of this column knows that California has passed the Personal Data Protection Act of the Year, which aims to bring the privacy of the general data protection policy style to the public. All the big platforms paid attention to the patchwork of such rules from all over the country. That's why Cookie took the national privacy policy.

Cook's privacy policy is marked with an asterisk. Company requires government to store iCloud user data On a state-run telecommunications company's server, Alex Stamos the chief security officer at Facebook recently pointed out this issue on a valuable Twitter thread.

"Tim is right, privacy is a fundamental human right," wrote Stamos. "I believe that the Chinese should have the same access to fundamental human rights as any other world."

As Stamos points out, iMessage is the only approved messaging app with end-to-end encryption allowed in China. He asked Apple to disclose in what circumstances the Chinese authorities had access to iCloud backups and whether Apple had not yielded elsewhere.

"Perhaps the answer is not concession, and there is no real mechanism for MSS to access iCloud data," he said, citing National Security. "It'll be great, but do not think it's true."

When I asked, Apple refused to comment. In July, when the company signed a contract with China's Guizhou-Cloud Big Data, Apple repeated its commitment to privacy and security for a long time. But they also said:

Each country in which we do business has unique customs, cultures and legal procedures. Our values ​​and beliefs are not different from one country to another, but we must follow the laws of each country.

Of course, even if Apple makes a concession to the Chinese government, it does not mean that the company is not true about its belief in privacy rights. In particular, it does not take the very real steps Apple takes to protect users' privacy in comparison to Facebook and Google.

However, Facebook employees had to endure mockery for several months from Cook, and until now the company has suffered mostly quietly. Stamos no longer works there, and he does not speak for Facebook in his official position. Still, I cheered when his ex-colleague saw his eet Storm today. Google and Facebook recently criticized criticism of attempts to work in China. (19459016)


Information not found on Facebook, Twitter [edaily 김현동 기자] The Chinese government is interfering with the election. According to Facebook, Twitter and many others, there is no evidence of China.

Why Donald Trump stays for four more years

Trump is less dependent on on Facebook According to Alex Thompson's report, I am skeptical of the re-election campaign – ", He is still the best Facebook advertiser and the platform is likely to continue to be useful for fundraising purposes.

An emerging technology strategy, according to Trump 's four officials, will redirect the president' s message by reducing reliance on the Big Tech platform, which was the main message channel in 2016. Instead, the presidential team tries to walk around the platform as much as possible and reach out to its supporters directly using outdated text text messages.

A secretly uncontrolled example captures people on facebook

A little story about "Bob Smith accounts" – a fake profile used by camouflage police to catch the killer. Kashmir Hill explored a bit of how practices are controlled.

Police are aware of the fertile hunting grounds of social media and are secretly monitoring people and groups without much supervision. We do not know how many people have been subject to surveillance over social media. Police departments do not want to track publicly and generally not discuss. They want to talk about raising kids online to catch sex offenders. It is a relatively uncontroversial camouflage but much more secretive of targeting suspected gang members, protesters, and other "interested people". Dozens of nationwide police departments have asked about their policies when secretly investigating Facebook police work and have found that there are almost no official rules.

Clarence Thomas's wife tells fake news about "caravan" [19659028] Ginni Thomas is promoting false information about groups of people seeking refuge in the United States.

Verification of the facts is certainly not part of her process. So when meme began to roam the Internet, when a law enforcement officer in Mexico took a picture of her "bloodthirsty" by caravan, her mind was filled with the brutal beast that broke through the southern border. . Facebook

Fact finding is definitely not part of her process. So when meme began to roam the Internet, when a law enforcement officer in Mexico took a picture of her "bloodthirsty" by caravan, her mind was filled with the brutal beast that broke through the southern border. . On Facebook.

People older than a young man are worse than you think.

Nowadays young people have a hard time killing many things, including mayonnaise and golf. But can young people find good advertising? They recognize the truth when they see it. Alexis Madrigal is in the new Pew study.

Given all 10 statements and 5 facts and opinions, young Americans correctly identified facts and opinions at a higher rate than older Americans. Forty-four percent of young people say five opinions, but only 26 percent of older people have expressed their views. Children between the ages of 18 and 29 were over 65 years old and performed more than twice. In the latter case, only 17% categorized the five facts into factual statements.

Young Americans

Snapchat helps register 400,000 voters


Popular with the American government

The difference between the US government's nature and immigration questions is particularly large Snap, a social media services company, said on Tuesday: Over the last two weeks, over 400,000 users have registered for the vote. Many of them are active in major battlefield countries such as Texas, Florida and Georgia.

Snapchat, popular among teenagers, encouraged people over the age of 18 to register. Each user's profile page


Twitter tests new profile features, including a presence indicator and & # 39; ice breaker & # 39;

I want better and better conversations on Twitter. I talked to two top executives, Sara Haider and Mike Kruzeniski, who showed me some prototypes. 19659043] Facebook announced on Wednesday that its operator deleted 8,700 user images of child nudes during the last quarter.

Facebook announced a system to catch children's nudity.

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Today's good news about Snap (guitar) Jeremi Gorman, formerly chief advertising sales manager for Amazon, will be chief executive officer. Jared Grusd, who was most recently CEO of The Huffington Post, is Chief Strategy Officer.

Snap staff ends Cheddar's stock sink

Snap's bad news today is 40% from internal investigations

Facebook now lowers stories with false headlines.

Based on the story of ThinkProgress in September, there was a political battle for confirmation of Facebookbroke. Brett Kavanaugh said in the headline, "He actually said what he did not say." Facebook now adds some nuance to the fact-checking process so fact-checking programs record whether the headline is false, the story is false, or both false. If the headline is true, but the story is false, the headline is false, but the story is true. (19459005) 15 minutes to the middle distance

WhatsApp fixed problem? Human nature will walk that way

Farhad Manjoo says WhatsApp's real problem is human nature. I have a different view that creatively makes the abhorrent mob possible through a combination of end-to-end encryption and anonymous message forwarding.

It is a story of human nature. So it's hard to know what to do about false news about WhatsApp, besides learning to disrupt our natural tendencies

Twitter gives false information, other companies have tips

] The Russian editorial committee decided to share tweets on twitter in the Russian influence campaign,

Other companies need to get tips on Twitter to collect misinformation – they are more widely available – the structure of Twitter is one step ahead of competitors like Facebook, but overall, It's really encouraging to see the platform remove the malicious content by itself, but in the rest of the country you can not help clean up if you do not know what the mess is

For a week in San Francisco Jack Dorsey made a quick "tweet" for me, Decided to buy a taco for everyone and answer all the questions about his app. Frankly, I was born malhaeseoyi crazy happened, and I expect that to happen again for being here.

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