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Hot and Rich: Billionaire Novels is a new interactive story game for iOS and Android platforms. You choose your own adventure in this interactive novel game where you date a wealthy, handsome playboy and a bachelor. As you progress, you can use keys and diamonds to advance the story.

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If these two are lacking, you can earn more for free using redemption codes. Redemption codes are available to each player and each player has their own code, but how it works can be a bit vague.

Read on for a list of redemption codes, how they work, and how to get more codes from Hot and Rich: Billionaire Novels!

The way these codes work is that each player has their own code. You cannot enter your own code, but you can enter other players’ codes and other players can enter their own. It’s kind of like an invitation code.

To enter one of these codes, go to the “Share” menu button at the bottom of the screen, assuming you have not been invited by another player before playing the game. At the bottom you will see a text box where you can enter your code. Enter your redemption code, then check the code to receive your free product.

So where can I find more redemption codes? The easy answer is in the comments section of every post made by the game’s official account on Facebook. Players will be posting their own code here and there, so pick and use a random code.

Another great place is the Reviews section on the Downloads page of the App Store. The code for this game never expires, so it doesn’t matter if it’s a newer review or an older review. So again you can pick and use a random code.

Another good place to find code is a video about this game. Of course, Twitch and YouTube are the main sources of video contacts for all games, so if you search for a video for this game, it’s likely that the video’s creators shared the code.

Codes are listed in the same menu as the Code Redemption text box. If you want other players to redeem your code, post your redemption code anywhere the rules allow, or send invitations to players or potential players you think might be interested.

You can also post your redemption code in the comments section of this article. Also feel free to use code posted by other players.

You both get freebies whenever you redeem your code through another player or another player redeems your code. If your code is a redeemed code, you will get free diamonds.

Here is the code you can use to get free items.


Make the most of the free stuff you can get and include your code in the comments section too!

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