Homeland Security backs Apple and Amazon’s denials of Chinese microchip hack

Bloomberg According to a stunning report by Businessweek last week, Homeland Security insisted that Chinese spies had penetrated US commercial servers with hidden microchips "

Officials said on Friday that they know the report, but that Amazon and Apple do not suspect any reason to strongly deny their systems. Compromised. Homeland Security is aware of this report and said that it has recently announced several government-industry initiatives to develop short- and long-term solutions to manage the risks of an increasingly complex global supply chain problem.

Blomberg Businessweek According to a report by Blomberg Businessweek the current former source of information management, citing Chinese spies claiming they can access the system by placing microchips on the server. The report claims that Apple and Amazon have discovered Microchip and reported it to US authorities. However, the two sides denied the story. Cyber ​​security experts warned that such threats exist and may be difficult to defend. However, with the publication of this report, the skepticism of related companies was formed, and government agencies reiterated their claims.

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