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Hit 1000 Win Real Money is an incredibly simple yet very difficult mobile game where the goal is to simply stop the counter before it reaches 1,000 and then restart it to stop at a certain count. The counter gets faster with each new number, and the closer you are to the correct number, the more points you score.

This is one of the few games that claims to pay real money, and you can. You deposit money and play with other players. Both bet and the winner holds the cash. The winner is determined by the points earned at the end of the round, and tournaments do not always end at the same time as the game is played asynchronously.

Read our tips on how to make real money on Hit 1000 Win Real Money!

Before you start earning money in real life, practice for a while in free rounds. Pearls are another currency in this game and you can get them for free. Free games work in the same way that the winner of a round gets a free batch of pearls.

When pearls fall, you can even enter practice mode on your own without other players. Use practice mode to score as many points as possible. This allows the game to focus on muscle memory at that point when playing for pearls or points.

For maximum cash savings, make one of our larger in-app purchases when you’re ready to play for real money. The more purchases you make, the more free cash you get on top of what you’ve already bought. You can also get more free pearls.

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Also, take a look at the various cash tournaments before diving in. Some tournaments have higher entry fees and higher possible winnings, allowing you to play less and win more money (although be careful as you may lose more money).

There are currently no promo codes or referral codes for Hit 1000 Win Real Money, so if you want to play for free money, your options are limited to gift cards that allow you to purchase IAPs from the App Store or Google Play Store. . But if it changes, you can find it here first.

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