Hino’s World Review

The Hino’s World mobile game is the latest adventure of BAZOOKA Studio. The game was released last September for Android and is free. He came to our radar to attract a wide audience, to be PEGI 3 and everything, but also to be a game of action and adventure platforms where you play as a god … The game actually seems deceptively simple but, in fact, offers extended content and we had to see what is happening.

Development and reception

BAZOOKA Studio supports many other similar light and fun games, such as Fruit Garden: Match 3, Food Court – Craze Restaurant Chef Cooking Games, Jewel Deluxe Free, and others. This title is perhaps the most ambitious project of the study so far, since it is aimed at a wide audience with the intention of creating easy, light, fun and addictive titles popularly known as small games. On Google Play, Hino & # 39; s World The Android game has mostly positive comments with a small sample of votes to be considered respectable. Most people respond positively with the game parallel to Mario.

Hinos World 2


As mentioned, you play as Hino, who is a god or rather the protector of the jungle. He is of good heart and serves to keep the sacred forest safe. In his possession, Hino has 5 soul stones. They represent 5 good natures that are found in all living beings of the forest, and those are Harmony, Goodness, Trust, Generosity and Friendship. With the 5 explained, joy and happiness are always preserved in the forest.

Hinos World 1

However, the evil demons were jealous of happiness and wanted to take power for themselves. Then, they stole the stones of the soul with the intention of using them for their evil purposes. Now it is up to Hino to find the demons, reclaim the stones of the soul and restore the sacred forest to its glory. To do so, he must follow the demons, each to his own mysterious world.


While Hino chases after the monsters, he goes through 5 different worlds, all with their own themes, dangers, challenges and enemies thrown at him to stop his search. Each world is presented as a large map with stages, similar to what was initially done in Super Mario Bros. 3. Then you go through the stages, each with its own mini goals and tricks, and try to overcome all the obstacles presented. [19659011] This game has a familiar configuration of side scrolling and platforms. You jump, you jump twice, you shoot boomerangs and you try not to die while everything you have on the road is prepared against you, even the landscape. The controls are quite easy, since you have two buttons to move, one to jump and another to shoot. You can also customize the user interface the way you want in the options menu.

Some mechanics to defeat monsters are quite familiar, like jumping on their heads and shooting boomerangs. You collect coins, but you also collect support items and buy some at the game store. Each level also has up to 3 stars, and you must collect them all to unlock new worlds. Finally, there is also a lucky mini-game with coin-shaped rewards in the game and such.

Graphics and appearance

While the game Hino & # 39; s World is very reminiscent of Mario and similar titles, it really looks amazing and advanced. The graphics and models are very beautiful and are guaranteed to attract a wide audience, while the simple game catches people. In essence, this is a retro game, so you definitely get points for improving the appearance.

Hinos World 3

Hino & # 39; s General features of the world:

  • Excellent graphics
  • Fun and deceptively simple game
  • Free To Play, with 5-second additions
  • You can play offline
  • Controls intuitive and customizable
  • 5 worlds to explore
  • 5 demonic bosses
  • Daily missions and unique challenges
  • Periodic updates


The game Hino & # 39; s World is a good candidate for a hobby game. It is easily accessible for people over 3 years old, regardless of gender or previous gaming experience. It's a challenge, but it also has a lot of expanded content compared to other games of the same adventure genre. In general, like FTP, it is worth a try.





The game Hino’s World is a good candidate for a hobby game. It is easily accessible for people over 3 years old, regardless of gender or previous gaming experience.

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