High-wattage USB-C batteries can keep your laptop charged on the go

Portable batteries have become more elegant, cheaper, smaller and faster to charge their technology. More improvements are on the way, thanks to gallium nitride (GaN), a more efficient silicon alternative in space and energy that can already be found in some wall chargers. As good as these advances are, they mostly affect devices with small batteries. Wall chargers are not very helpful if you are in motion.

As more laptops and other high-powered devices adopt USB-C and move away from patented charging sockets, there is a chance that large, powerful batteries will increase their power adapters and, ideally, allow them to load multiple devices at the same time. hour. And now, a number of options are coming directly to the market to do just that.

We have tried some models that are available now, as well as some that will come out soon. The list includes Zendure's SuperTank, Sanho's HyperJuice, Tanker Elite and J-Go Tech's Tanker Xtreme. They all have some things in common: they are not small or light, so your stock market will earn more than a few. ounces if you place one inside. Each of these batteries has USB-C Power Delivery ports capable of delivering at least 65W of power (and in most cases, up to 100W). This means that they are likely to be powerful enough to charge most laptops and replace some wall chargers that you usually keep in your purse. Each option also has several ports to allow simultaneous loading of other devices. Finally, you will find a step charge in each battery, which means that you can route the power through their respective ports while the battery is recharging.

high wattage usb c batteries can keep your laptop charged on the go

From left to right, Tanker Xtreme from J-Go Tech, HyperJuice from Sanho, Tanker Elite from J-Go Tech and SuperTank from Zendure.

These batteries do what you expect: charge your devices quickly and keep them alive throughout. The most economical battery packs, suitable for devices with lower power requirements, do an excellent job of keeping phones and most tablets running for days. But if you use a Mac laptop, a new iPad Pro, a Google Pixelbook or a Windows 10 laptop that charges via USB-C, a larger and more powerful battery is a smart purchase, especially if you plan to play . , or other activities that consume a lot of energy and tend to drain the battery quickly.

Large and Powerful Portable Batteries Compared

Name Zendure SuperTank Sanho HyperJuice J-Go Tech Tanker Elite J-Go Tech Tanker Xtreme
Name Zendure SuperTank Sanho HyperJuice J-Go Tech Tanker Elite J-Go Tech Tanker Xtreme
Capacity 27,000mAh 20,800mAh 27,000mAh
Price $ 99 during fundraising ($ 149 once it launches in May 2019) $ 159 during fundraising ($ 299 once released in June 2019) [19659019] $ 124 $ 249
Ports USB-C (100W, input / output), USB-C (60W, output), USB-A (15W output), USB-A (18W output ) USB-C (100W, input / output), USB-C (60W, output), USB-A (18W output) USB-C (87W input, 65W output), USB- A (18W output), Micro USB, USB-A USB-C (1 00W, input / output), USB-C (60W, output), USB-A (18W output)
Through-load support Yes Yes Yes Yes
Extras included USB-C to USB-C cable USB-C to USB-C cable USB-C to USB-C cable USB-C to USB cable -C and 87 watt wall adapter

What you get for your money

When recharging costs it is clear that trying to live your life away from power outlets is not a problem. negotiate. At a minimum, your purchase will provide you with a battery and a USB-C to USB-C cable that can handle a fast charge. It is worth noting that it is correct to have the correct cable, since not all USB-C cables are created equally. You will have to pay an extra for a charger that can recharge these batteries quickly, unless you find one with your battery. At half the cost of the battery itself (and sometimes more) it is worth buying one, if only for convenience. Certainly, you can use a USB-C charger with less capacity to fill one, but unless it is charged at night, it is an incredibly slow process that will run for many hours in your day.

At $ 129, Tanker Elite from J-Go Tech is one of the cheapest options we tried. That's not so bad, but it's before considering the cost of the wall charger needed to quickly recharge the battery in about an hour. The 87-watt charger you can buy included with the J-Go Tech Tanker Elite takes only 80 minutes to recharge the entire 20,800 mAh capacity. For this additional convenience, you must pay a total of $ 164 to get the battery with an included 87-watt wall charger. If you want more power, the J-Go Tech 100W charging kit without battery costs $ 79.99 on Amazon and includes a twisted USB-C to USB-C cable, as well as universal plug adapters. Although the Elite does not have the best port selection or the best capacity (I would prefer to have a second USB-C port than a Micro USB port, although your mileage may vary), it will once be among the cheapest batteries. the other options are no longer available with crowdfunding discounts.

J-Go Tech & Tanker Xtreme offers more capacity (27,000mAh compared to 20,800mAh in the Elite) and a better port selection (a second USB-C port instead of the Elite & # 39; s Port micro usb). It is available for purchase on Amazon with its 87W wall charger for $ 249.99.

1556718792 168 high wattage usb c batteries can keep your laptop charged on the go

The SuperTank (left) with its SuperHub wall charger

At $ 99, the Zendure SuperTank is currently the cheapest option (the battery will jump up to $ 149 after the fundraiser ends in June 2019), and its SuperHub multiple port charger that can recharge at 100W speeds is another $ 69 (it will also rise to $ 100 in June). Most of the batteries we tested have the shape of large TV remotes, but the SuperTank is smaller and much more robust. This could make it difficult to store in slimmer pockets, but personally I'm fine with its design, since it allows Zendure to fit a good selection of ports, including 100W and 60W USB-C ports and USB-A ports. 15W and 18W.

The Zendure SuperHub mainly reflects the ports available in the SuperTank. It has 100W and 18W USB-C ports and a pair of 18W USB-A ports. If you need to charge more than one USB-C device at a time, the SuperHub is an ideal choice.

Sanho's HyperJuice is priced at $ 159 during its fundraising process, but it will cost a whopping $ 299 after, and that's not counting its 100W charger. That accessory currently costs $ 39 extra on Indiegogo, but it will cost $ 79 when it is released later this month. It's pretty simple, and aside from a 100W USB-C input to recharge the battery (or turn on your device), it offers a USB-A port to keep your iPhone, or some other device, plugged.

To compare some other USB-C chargers currently on the market, Apple's 87W 79W USB-C power charger will definitely do the job, but obviously it will not be as fast as a 100W charger. The 45W USB-C charger, a little cheaper than Google, which costs $ 60, will make you wait even longer for the devices to recharge.

1556718792 565 high wattage usb c batteries can keep your laptop charged on the go

Testing the batteries

To test these batteries, I used the Microsoft Surface Book 2 because it can be charged by USB-C, and it's notorious for demanding a lot of juice from the power adapters. The USB-C charging port of this laptop extracted a maximum of 87W during the tests, which I could see thanks to a USB-C multimeter. I did a series of activities to see how these batteries impacted the useful life of the Surface Book 2, including the power of the machine in the off state, again when browsing some websites and, finally, when playing Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice a game that this machine strives to execute in its native screen resolution.

All the batteries we tested were able to maintain and generate a charge. However, there was an initial drawback. The first model of Zendure SuperTank did not reach its announced capabilities, surpassing a 54W output, regardless of the task at hand. The company said that the unit we were testing was a prototype and it was sent through a finished unit that had no problem.

1556718792 653 high wattage usb c batteries can keep your laptop charged on the go

Most of the time, the batteries fluctuate between 60 and 80 W, depending on the power from moment to moment. And while I hacked the final game of Sekiro this proved to be enough for the Surface Book 2 to slowly build a load. When batteries fall around the 50 percent capacity mark, I noticed a slight decrease in performance in each of them up to approximately 54W. While that is not enough to load the Surface Book 2 during the game, it will work to stop the fall. If you are not playing or doing intensive work, such as video playback, this should not be a problem.

There were some other peculiarities to be taken into account: all exhibited a few moments when the batteries of the laptop (contains one inside the keyboard, and another on the detachable tablet) would not be charged during the game. But pressing Alt + Tab, then changing the PC's power mode to "better battery life" instead of "better performance" calmed the fans and allowed the battery to fill up, but not without some important successes in the performance of the games. It is very likely that it is a Surface Book problem.

1556718792 622 high wattage usb c batteries can keep your laptop charged on the go

The Zendure SuperTank battery

Also, all the batteries that I tried, at some point, made an error appear in Windows 10 that said the battery was slow or that the USB device was incompatible. Removing the plug and replacing it usually solved the problem, but outside of the battery pack we tested, the HyperJuice was the most problematic. It could be another peculiarity of Surface Book, or it could be related to Windows 10. Other devices did not offer so much trouble, and I did not find any warning like this when I used them to load a MacBook Pro.

In terms of surprises, the affordable Tanker Elite of J-Go Tech exceeded its supposed limit of 65W output. He was able to load the Surface Book 2 as fast as the others at 87W, which is impressive, although not a bit disconcerting.

Each of the batteries lasted approximately one hour while the Surface Book 2 was charged. From a dead state, batteries with a capacity of 27,000 mAh (SuperTank, HyperJuice and Tanker Xtreme) were able to provide approximately 46 percent of the notebook's power before needing to recharge. This may not seem like an achievement, but it's worth noting that this laptop distributed the load quite evenly between its two batteries, putting the same amount of power into the keyboard's battery that was found on the tablet.

We also tested these batteries with a MacBook Pro 2016 and the Google Pixelbook. Both machines demand less energy than the Surface Book 2 (61W for the MacBook Pro, 45W for the Pixelbook), and each battery easily meets its maximum wattage demands. The Zendure SuperTank fully loaded the Pixelbook in about 90 minutes and still had 41 percent of its battery left. If you are using one of these batteries to stay on top while doing light work and away from a charger, the HyperJuice was able to do so and only lost about 10 percent of its capacity after one hour of use. The other 27,000 mAh batteries should give similar results for both computers.

1556718792 933 high wattage usb c batteries can keep your laptop charged on the go

What big battery is worth it?

All these batteries are powerful, and unless you can not compromise even a few watts, the decision to buy everything comes down to design preferences, port selection and, of course, your budget.

For the most power for your money, the J-Go Tech Tanker Xtreme offers a lot of juice, a good variety of ports and, since it includes an 87-watt wall charger, your package offers the best value for your money. The Zendure SuperTank is an excellent and compact package that offers the best selection of ports, and if you can buy it for less during fundraising, the value is also good.

If you want to work farther from a wall socket, they can all help you do it. Each one is adept at directing a large amount of energy to a single device, as well as distributing it in several at the same time, such as a telephone, a set of wireless headphones and a Nintendo switch. We hope there are more options for 2019, but the first batch of large and powerful batteries is impressive.

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