Hey, I wrote this neat little program for you guys called the IMAC User Notification Tool

Who, me? As the weekend leaves as a first-class flight to Paris, and Monday appears with all the glamor of a Ryanair in Stansted, it is time once again to console ourselves with another story of misdeeds of the reader in The Register & # 39; s Who, Me? column.

Today's story comes from a time when we were optimistic waiting for all the delights of a new millennium, courtesy of a reader we will call "Stef".

Two decades or more ago, Stef had the pleasure of working as an analyst / developer in an anonymous financial institution located in the city of London.

The institution had a technical department made up of a dozen people who, according to Stef, was called "Implementations, movements and changes". "As for what this group of employees did?" Well, you can probably solve it by name … "

Now, we in the IT world love our acronym, be it BOFH, PFY or RTFM, for what will not be a surprise to know that The puff of syllables was quickly changed to IMAC for convenience.

Stef told us: "The software they used to track everything did not have the function of & # 39; alert & # 39; and I was bloated and clumsy. "

Be a developer." Out of frustration, "Stef" wrote a small autonomous program that ran from the desktop and would notify the user about any upcoming activity that involved them. "

Neato! It was, he told us innocently," a notification tool IMAC user, so to speak. "

Users loved it and we hope Stef has bought the strange drink or also in recognition of his efforts. After all, the developers live to facilitate the lives of users, do you? right?

Well, except for those that work in iTunes for Windows or Apple's Podcast app, of course, those developers will go straight to the hell of the encoder where they will spend eternity writing recipe trackers in Visual Basic 3 and Access, with control Source courtesy of SourceSafe.

But we are going astray.

Stef told us proudly: "So popular was this little notification tool. User cation became that the desktop team decided to include it in the next standard release. "

In fact, a user who was lucky enough to be on the IMAC team automatically had an icon on his desk. The acronym fairy had also returned since, after all, "User Notification Tool" was also a bit long for a legend.

So, the icon label?

Without leaving a guilty conscience, Stef said to us it was "IMAC UNT".

Oh, Stef.

Although, to be fair, this trick used to snort with childish delight when "SQL Query Analyzer" was minimized and the subtitle was truncated in an awkward way. [19659002] But as for IMAC UNT, "Honestly, I don't think anyone has noticed for several weeks, and when they finally did, I just played dumb."

I always innocently swear in the form of an apparently innocent acronym. Or did he laugh when an unsuspecting co-worker innocently turned a sequence of words into the dirtiest language? Of course yes. And you should send an email to Who, Me? To share your part in the pain. ®

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