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Heroes of the Storm, are often shortened to Heroes or HotS (although “HotS” can point to Heavy Metal Machines, expansions), the Blizzard Entertainment, “hero brawler” game was initially created on World Of Warcraft, Ancients’ Defense Map. I was inspired. III.

Game Review

The game includes characters from Warcraft, StarCraft, Lost Vikings, Diablo and Overwatch, Franchise. On December 13, 2018, Blizzard decided to pull some developers into other projects, and announced that the Heroes Global Championship and Heroes of the Dorm will not be back in 2019.

Heroes of the Storm is a team-based competitive game where each player controls a powerful hero with unique abilities and works with the team to invade and destroy the enemy team’s base. However, there are many features that set it apart from other DOTA style games.

The experience is shared among all players on the team, so there is no advantage to the last hit. There are no items available for purchase (but characters can be customized according to their learning characteristics as they level up). All skills are unlocked at the start of the match. The game lasts about 20 minutes each, and each map has its own goal.

Take a look, Heroes and Generals Update,

Heroes of the Storm characters

Heroes of the Storm

2 original heroes

Orphea, Kira

1 Blizzard Classic Franchise Heroes

The Lost Vikings

18 Diablo franchise heroes

Auriel, Azmodan, Cassia, Deckard, Diablo, Imperius, Johanna, Kharazim, Leoric, Li-Ming, Malthael, Mephisto, Nazeebo, Sonya, The Butcher, Tyrael, Valla, Xul

Eight Overwatch Franchise Heroes

Ana, D.Va, Genji, Hanzo, Junkrat, Lúcio, Tracer, Zarya

17 StarCraft franchise heroes

Abathur, Alarak, Artanis, Blaze, Dehaka, Fenix, Kerrigan, Lt. Morales, Nova, Probius, Raynor, Sgt. Hammer, Stukov, Tassadar, Tychus, Zagara, Zeratul

41 Warcraft franchise heroes

Alexstrasza, Anduin, Anub’arak, Arthas, Brightwing, Chen, Cho’gall (2 heroes Cho and Gall in the game), Chromie, ETC, Falstad, Garrosh, Gazlowe, Greymane, Gul’dan, Illidan, Jaina, Kael’thas, Kel’Thuzad, Li Li, Lunara, Maiev, Mal’Ganis, Malfurion, Medivh, Muradin, Murky, Ragnaros, Rehgar, Rexxar, Samuro, Stitch, Sylvanas, Thrall, Tyrande, Uther, Valera, Bari Inner, White Maine, Irrel, Zul’jin.

One of the features of this game is the ability to buy or acquire skins for each hero, each skin often comes in a different color scheme with a ‘traditional’ color. Some skins represent a past character, another timeline, or a parallel universe like this:

Heroes of the Storm map and battlefield

A battlefield, or map is a battlefield where heroes battle. Each battlefield has unique features that set it apart from other layouts and other features.

The 14 battlefields currently available are

8 unique battlefields of Heroes of the Storm: Black Heart Bay, Cursed Hollow, Dragon Shire, Garden of Horror, Ghost Mines, Temple of Heaven, Tomb of the Spider Queen, Tower of Fate. 2 diablo franchise battlefields: battlefield of eternity, temple of hell.

Overwatch Franchise Battlefield

Volskaya Foundry. 2 StarCraft Franchise Battlefields: Braxis Holdout, Warhead Junction. 1 Warcraft Franchise Battlefield: Alterac Pass. In addition, one battlefield of the Overwatch franchise Hanamura has been removed and will be added again in the future.

Heroes of the Storm Download Free

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