Heroes and Generals Update

Heroes and Generals are all about scale. Imitating a war consuming world is a WMO What Remains of Edith Finch, themed MMOFPS, and developer Reto Moto, has a player base to do it. More than 13 million players march into the game’s virtual fronts to participate in the delightful and endless push and pull of the total war.

Heroes and Generals Update 1.12

When heroes and generals players start the game, virtual peace will not be discovered soon, enjoying the biggest update. Update 1.12, otherwise released! drive! Destroy! Shows that this MMO juggernaut has no signs of slowing down the slaughter. And not so bad for virtual Heroes of the Storm, fans. Distribute! drive! destroy! Advance the battle as if there were no other H & G updates.

Introduced a flexible placement system, making combat with friends simpler, improved vehicle handling, and updated terrain and damage systems. To figure out the 1.12 update and manage a large MMO, we talked to the Jesper Donnis community director about everything Heros & Generals to explore the issues Reto Moto faces every day.

Heroes and Generals Update

Let you know about update 1.15

Arrangement! drive! Destroy! Is the biggest update for heroes and generals since launch. We have completely resumed handling of all vehicles in the game and added a new terrain system that allows vehicles to react as expected when driving through mud, grass or road surfaces. The amount of change we made with the game is huge.

Heroes and Generals Update

Community Director, Reto Moto

In addition, all vehicles are equipped with new armor and heat box systems for newer, richer gameplay. It also implements a new placement system, giving you the freedom to choose and play your favorite soldiers and vehicles. It’s a huge thing for us. We will spend time balancing, tweaking and improving many of the elements of this update based on player feedback after launch.

But we also offer new maps with new vehicles and weapons based on Eastern European environments. You can visit the open development overview or open road map version to see all the projects under development.

Heroes and Generals Update

How do the player react to the new Update

To join our community, players have a public prototype server that sees what we’re working on and provides feedback. As a result, more than 50 improvements and fixes requested by players have been applied to recent updates. We ourselves and the players liked it.

When working on the recently released Khutor skirmish map, I used the same process to improve the game process. It’s an essential part of the development process because the amount of changes we make in the game is huge.

Heroes and Generals Update

Heroes & Generals Update 112 Battle

There are so many war-based games and MMOs, what makes them different from heroes and generals? Heroes & Generals is a complex weapons game in which you evolve your character and play in infantry, tank crew, fighter pilots, paratroopers, reconnaissance, or general battles like Germany, USA, or Soviet Union in WW2.

When playing as a general, a key factor that makes heroes and generals unique, they control resources and make strategic decisions in an ongoing online war that affects other players. This is a war where each victory and loss makes a difference.

Heroes and Generals

Heroes & Generals Update 112 Plane

How do you balance the time spent creating new content for games and polishing existing ones? We put athletes first. Everything we develop should benefit the player, from which balance develops. Games like Heroes & Generals are alive and repetition is natural. We always tweak, change and improve the game.

As mentioned, we receive a lot of constructive feedback from the community-that’s a big part of guiding our priorities. But we also have an overall vision of the game, a lot of game production experience, and a long list of what we want to add. We want to give players a new experience.

Heroes and Generals Update

Hero and General Update 112 Tank

What are some of the difficulties in dealing with WW2 sensitively and making fun games at the same time? We do a lot of research. We are huge WW2 great. Based in Denmark, WW2 is an essential element of our history. We try to keep the game as close to real as possible. But we also have to consider making the game fun.

Therefore, while trying to be as authentic as possible, it is not always possible to pursue realism. For example, the gun was caught in a real situation. We can easily add this to H & G, but it won’t be fun.

Heroes and Generals Update 1.12

Best Tips for new players

One useful tip for both new and veteran players is to leverage the community. This allows new players to find friends and veteran players to share their knowledge. Playing alone will get you so far. By uniting with old and new friends and cooperating with infantry, chariots and other soldier types you can truly thrive in heroes and generals.

Heroes & Generals is not a blue / red shooting game. Different factions have different weapons for different history. I think the overall balance is solid. We still make adjustments as the game evolves, and keep an eye on the various statistics so that the factions are evenly matched.

When introducing new weapons and tanks to heroes and generals, each faction gets something similar. There are bonuses added to games not found in many games, such as Kettenkrad (a German half motorcycle, half tank) or S.T. Grenade No. 74 British antitank sticky bomb.

Heroes and Generals Gameplay

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