Here’s what Lucid Motors’ $700 million EV factory will look like

Lucid Motors spent the last years hoping to start a new factory in Casa Grande, Arizona, and the startup EV was finally able to get things started at the end of last year after it closed a $ 1 billion round of financing Arabia Saudi Now, The Verge has obtained the first images of what that factory will look like, after it was presented at the Department of Planning and Development of Casa Grande this week.

It's … big! And white! Perhaps, as expected, it looks like a factory!

However, in all seriousness, Lucid Motors seems to have about 21 million square feet to play, according to the site's master plan presented to the city. But it will begin on this site with 820,000 square feet of factory space. And instead of a gleaming tourist attraction, such as Faraday Future, which once hoped to build outside of Las Vegas, Nevada, this building seems much more appropriate to the needs of an automotive startup hungry for cash that is trying to get an electric sedan from luxury (the Lucid Air) in production at the end of next year.

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Pinal County and the city of Casa Grande are counting at the factory to provide 3,230 direct and indirect construction jobs during the first five years, according to a third-party economic analysis commissioned at the end of 2018. In 20 years, The factory expects to generate 4,800 direct and indirect jobs, $ 33.5 million in tax revenue to the city and the county, and $ 22.2 million in tax revenue to local school districts.

The director of economic development of Casa Grande said he expects the company to begin construction before the end of the year, according to Office of Casa Grande . Lucid Motors marketing manager David Salguero said the company began to classify the land, but declined to comment further.

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