Here’s Vivo’s port-less Apex 2019 concept phone

At an event in Hong Kong today, Vivo exhibited its new Apex 2019 phone concept, which has no ports, 5G connectivity and a fingerprint sensor that covers almost the entire screen. The device was originally intended to be shown at the Mobile World Congress this year, but its public debut ended up being delayed. (That's at least something better than Meizu's own effort on a phone without a port, which turned out to be a publicity stunt).

The body of the Apex 2019 consists of a single piece of glass, something that Vivo highlights. Very difficult to achieve. It uses a combination of capacitive and pressure sensors to simulate the volume and the buttons at rest, there is a patented magnetic connector to charge and transfer data, and the screen vibrates instead of a speaker. And then there's that fingerprint scanner, which can be used with several fingers placed almost anywhere on the front of the phone.


I can say that in my brief test so far, all these features have worked quite well, and the phone The unibody design is really beautiful. Although it still would not be an attractive consumer device, Vivo solves this with the designation of "concept": the Apex 2019 will never go on sale.

Stay tuned for more information about the Apex 2019 and why it was designed Live. in this way.

heres vivos port less apex 2019 concept phone

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1552305589 544 heres vivos port less apex 2019 concept phone

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