Heart of the Sea Minecraft

The Minecraft Heart item of the sea is an item with a little strange history. When it was first introduced to the game, it had no purpose. But now it is very valuable to the player if used correctly. This guide examines the heart of the sea Minecraft items, of the sea and explains how to use them properly, how to locate them, and how to make the relevant conduits.

What is the Minecraft Heart of the Sea?

Everyone wants to know What Does Heart of the Sea Do in Minecraft?, Well this unique item is an underwater based object that can be used to make conduits. If you are not familiar with conduits, it is a special block that can be used underwater to give the player a better view and provide a special “conduit force“.

In particular, the Minecraft heart of the sea, can be used to create special underwater conduits that not only allow the player to see better, but also prevent the reduction of breathing meters, allow underwater night vision, and increase mine speed.

It should be noted that these special bonuses occur only if you are within the conduit range. There are several other conduit builds that provide some scope to the player depending on the materials needed. But we will get it later.

Heart of the Sea Minecraft video explained

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Where can I find the Minecraft Hearts item from the sea?

Heart of the Sea Minecraft

The Heart of the Sea item can be found in the hidden treasure chest at Shipwreck Location in Minecraft. The main way to find hidden treasures in Minecraft, is to find an exploration map. Although not technically necessary, it’s better than swimming randomly in the ocean to find hidden treasures.

The shipwreck can be difficult to find and may require some patience, but if you see enough, you can find it. They are usually found underwater, but sometimes even on land in beach biomes. If problems occur, you can feed the dolphins. If you are lucky, the dolphin will guide you to the shipwreck in appreciation for the delicious snack.

If you find a wreck, you will want to find a map box. Each shipwreck can have up to 3 different types of boxes, so you need to find a map box before leaving. However, you will want to find treasure chests and supply boxes to get extra items.

Inside the map box there should be a buried treasure map that looks like a piece of paper. Once you have these, you can use them to find various hidden treasures.

How to make a Conduit using the Heart of the Sea?

Heart of the Sea Minecraft

To make the minecraft heart of the sea conduit, you will need:

  1. Heart of the Seas (1)
  2. Nautilus Shell (8)

Nautilus shells can be purchased by fishing, killing underwater zombies or buying 5 emeralds each from a wandering merchant. Once you have acquired all the materials, you will have to go to the crafting table and place the item in the middle of the table in the middle of the sea. Then, surrounded by nautilus shells, you can make the heart of the sea conduit.

As mentioned earlier, there are several different conduit styles that can be made from the heart items of the sea. Perhaps the easiest is a simple 20-block square with a conduit in the middle. But there are other wild versions that can be built to extend the range of conduit power.

How to breathe underwater in Minecraft?

How to breathe underwater in Minecraft

Minecraft expeditions cross endless hills, plains, caves and numerous dungeons. You can also check the depth of the Minecraft world by checking what’s under the sea. You may encounter creatures that can drop the trident, or even rare weapons that you can use to enchant and use magical content. But keeping it underwater is a bit of a challenge.

There are many ways to provide equipment that allows you to breathe underwater so that your character can explore depth longer.

How to make water breathing potions?

Heart of the Sea Minecraft

The best way for a character to stay underwater in Minecraft is to give water breathing potions at the brewery. There are three versions available.

  1. Water breathing potion
  2. Water breathing splash potion
  3. Potion of Water Breath

A standard water breathing potion is drinking water to provide a buff that lasts for 3 minutes. To use standard potions, you need to collect water bottles, puffer fish and wasteland. Combine this with a red stone using a standard potion to extend this time, lasting 8 minutes. You can make all of these potions at the brew.

Splashes and water splashing potions are part of the effect. Instead of taking a potion, throw the character with a splash potion that gives the potion to someone in the radius of the potion. Splash potions require standard water breathing potions to make with gunpowder.

The remaining potion requires a splash potion and a dragon’s breath. As with standard water breathing potions, you can combine this potion with redstone to extend the time limit. Using a spray or splashing potion destroys the vial.

Water breathing magic items

Water breathing magic items

The best way to increase your character’s underwater breathing time is to give it a helmet that enchants your breathing. You need to find the spelled magic book and add it to your helmet. There are 3 levels of magic.

Alternatively, you can make a turtle shell and wear it as a helmet to give your character a water breathing effect for 10 seconds. The total time adds up to the standard 25 second time that the player receives underwater breathing. To make it, you need 5 scutes to find after the baby turtle has grown to adult.

Finally, you need to create a structure containing conduits from certain types of blocks. You can create a structure by using one of the following items:

  1. Dark Freeze Marine
  2. Freeze Marine
  3. Frieze marine brick
  4. Sea lanterns

There’s a Minecraft heart of sea conduits, so you can add conduit power to easily build, explore, or cool your underwater city.

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