Hate speech is finding a home on Instagram

The aftermath of a national emergency follows a pattern now familiar. Various malicious actors compete for social platforms with false information and thorough hate speech. Reporters perform simple searches of conspiracy theories and aggressive keywords, and write articles that record their findings. The platform has refuted all the evidence against it, saying that there is nowhere to put this kind of thing on its platform at a later date.

Due to domestic violence last week, a new vector for bile appeared. More than ever, reporters have found widespread hate speech in Instagram. Yesterday, In the New York Times we found almost 12,000 posts with the hash tag "# jewsdid911" and found that the Jews were responsible for the events of September 11th.

Today, the other stores.

Will Sommer investigates how right-wing personality, which was considered too harmful even on Twitter, became a refuge in Instagram, including Alex Jones, Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes, rights. – Comedian Owen Benjamin and Milo Yiannopoulos

Yiannopoulos made a stir last week, lamenting that the postal bombs sent to Democratic leaders in the Instagram have not disappeared. Taylor Lorenz, on the other hand, spoke with Kate Friedman Siegel, who said that Instite was unresponsive when he saw an anti-Semitic direct message last month. Siegel, "crazyjewishmom", has more than 800,000 flowers.

Siegel shared a screen shot of two semi-monarchic memes received in a direct message from Instagram in September. One has the phrase Jewish stroller in the oven. The other one is Dr. Seuss was a parody book cover. "Dr." […]

"Horton Hears a Jew" Siegel received an anti-Semitic message since she started her account. But recently, they have reached the fever zone. Siegel reports that Adolf Hitler salutes Nazi, blasphemers in the Israeli national flag, people who filmed her with Anne Frank, jokers about putting them in the gas chambers, she reported seeing Instagram , You receive a lot of notices because there is no way to easily track the reports that Instagram does and those that do not.

Just a few weeks after the end of the Instagram cofounders, the harassment surged, indicating that the service's pseudo-independence was terminated . But the mechanisms that enable harassment and hate speech take much longer to get rid of. Last week Instagram wrote about how he could organize himself.

The right wing shared many memes using the hashtag #Soros, and Instagram constructed a helpful posting algorithm . Soros: Proposed search for users who started searching for "soros caravan", "soros bomb", "soros jew" is automatically populated so users can get the wrong information anymore.

Instagram Many Soros accounts are automatically populated, but Looks like they were shot all night in search results.

Adam Mosseri and his team have three big issues to consider. : Do you have to provide a platform for people that Facebook forbids? What's the reason? Are you making the right investment in content mediation? Can a malicious actor organize and propagate hate speech with a unique mechanism on our platform?

Instagram in August was recently recorded as an oasis. It is the last refuge for people with long histories. The past few weeks' incidents suggest that time is over.

Instagram will find journalists in Instagram when the next disaster comes.


We advertised to 100 senators. Facebook. Facebook has approved everything.

William Turton performed acrobatics. Facebook said it has modified the "payee" field, which allows proven advertisers to write what they want in a free-form box. But it looks like the election is over.

On the eve of the 2018 election, according to the VICE News survey, the "paid" feature appears to be easy to manipulate and to lie about who is paying. It's like posing as a political ad or a person paying for advertising.

VICE News applied for Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer to purchase fake advertising on behalf of 100 US senators, including "paid" ads. . Facebook approvals were bps. All 100 people sailed through this system, indicating that someone could buy an ad marked "paid" by a major US politician.

The Democrats are spending three times as much on Facebook as the Republican Party [19659022] Alexis Madrigal has found a reversal in the 2016 trend.

Atlantic According to the analysis, the candidates and causes of leftist tendencies for the top 100 spending have spent $ 9.4 million from October 21 to October 27. The most recent date on which Facebook data is available. The big spender on the right was only $ 2.65 million.

Facebook's top 100 ad buyers include 55 left-leaning organizations and candidates (22 on the right wing).

Trump vs. Media: How Trump Makes the Press Opposition

Ezra Kline investigates why the president needs to make the media an enemy and what the press should do.

Trump, in other words, has the same reason to manipulate media using the same tactics as a plain alt-right troll. The media want to fight. When you are with him, you get more rewards and show them to be prejudiced. He wants the media to fight himself. Because it is interested in the conspiracy that is propagated to the public and only to oneself. I am in a war with the media network. I hear much more than a speech on manufacturing policy or tax cuts.

The problem is that Donald Trump is not an ordinary troll. He is the President of the United States.

Twitter has launched the Midterms page and is already on troll, fake, and non-partisan news.

Twitter opened a midterm electoral portal and showed tweets about politics and flooded naturally. Fake allegations and posts from trolls. Everything about this shifts from the faceplate to the head desk. Charlie Warzel and Ryan Mac:

A spokesman for Twitter says BuzzFeed News is like a lot of pages created for events like basketball games and natural disasters in the mid-highway election portal. The algorithm manages tweets based on specific keywords and populates the page with all the content associated with those keywords. A Twitter spokesman did not specify what keywords were used for midterm elections. On subsequent calls, a Twitter spokesperson made it clear that the algorithm on the & # 39; Recent & # 39; tab would account for accounts for which the user follows one of several signals to display the tweet. If the user follows a conspiracy or automated feed, the algorithm may recommend similar subscriptions or automatic accounts. Designed for Twitter users, this page is for new users who search for useful news before the election.

How often do you encourage conversations during news events? Talking about Twitter facial expressions:

Late last week, about 60% of conversations were led by bots. During the weekend, although conversations about caravans were covered by recent tragedies, bots were still driving nearly 40% of caravan conversations on Twitter. It is based on the assessment of Robhat Labs, and is the founder of two UC Berkeley students who make tools to detect bots online.

Chris Daniels, WhatsApp

Fighting false information ahead of a visit to India is a social challenge. Earlier this year Chris Daniels, who runs WhatsApp, emailed Shelley Singh. It is worth noting how Daniels offers the most speech capabilities and how difficult it is to turn conversations into WhatsApp's potential as a business tool. Here is a cute anecdote from Sheryl Sandberg's import phone playbook.

WhatsApp has focused on how to support Indian companies and promote economic growth. I think there are more than 50 million small businesses in India. WhatsApp is developing tools to help these businesses connect with their customers to answer questions and close their sales.

Glasses company in Bengaluru called Glasses says 30% of new sales come from WhatsApp chat. This week, WhatsApp announces the project with Startup India, which plans to directly support new Indian owned businesses and entrepreneurs.

Facebook growth continues to slow

Facebook earnings were confusing. User growth is slowing, but the company is still growing despite all the growth. Investors' calls are even more interesting when Mark Zuckerberg is talking about overcoming feed sharing someday and saying that Facebook Watch has become a faster-growing destination for watching videos.

Facility plan in Redmond, Washington near Microsoft Facebook [19659043] Microsoft is gaining new neighbors.

Redmond, Washington was the home of Microsoft for decades, but the creator of Word can soon have a company. Facebook plans a 650,000-square-foot office project in the city, the report said in a Tuesday report.

What Social Media Can Do to Prevent Hatred

Ina Fried is a social platform that can do more to control the spread of hate speech from civil rights groups. As she points out, the executive function of the platform is probably more important than the policy itself.

In particular, the Allied Forces argue that sites prohibit "hate activities" and "malicious activities" as "individuals or groups based on color, religion, national origin, ethnicity, immigration status, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, Threats, intimidation, harassment, threats or defamation. "

Twitter is a good idea to switch to 280 characters.

Twitter has released data on what happened when the character limit was extended to 280 characters.

Use of "please" 54% "" Thank you "has increased by 22%, because now there is room for more words, the next point on Twitter will make the grammar purists happy. and the use of abbreviations such as "gr8" (-36%), "b4" (-13%) and "sry" (-5%) is decreasing.If there is no need to worry too much about the character limit,

Vox.com's Carlos Maza releases what happened when the Republican Party started democracy "Asymmetric Polarization"

James Patterson's next novel to be released on Facebook Messenger

It's the perfect place to post the next novel by James Patterson, and I will not hear anything else.

19659055] I thought the web would hate and not spread

Kara Swisher

Social media platforms – I feel as guilty as Facebook and twitter gangs – terrible things are designed to be twice as fast as goods, and they are not

And they are doing it very coolly, because they make the necessary corrections for the price, because spilling the cesspool will lose the user. On Monday, the reporters of the New York Times easily identified about 12,000 anti-Semitic messages uploaded to the Instagram by a synagogue attack.

And finally. ..

This little girl is with her I walked. Place your head on a plate for Halloween.

There is an Instagram ghoul that I did not see on the right. Maya Huang, a young girl from the Philippines, cheated on her head in a costume made to look like it. On a plate. This video of neighbors putting candy into Maya's headhole is an absurd sort of absurdity I need today.

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