Hands-on: The Surface Laptop 3 is the Surface for people who don’t want a Surface

If I ranked my personal favorite Surface products, the Surface Laptop would be near the end of the list.

This does not mean that the Laptop is bad; It is one of the first products that I recommend for people looking for a new laptop. It's just not what I like about Surface hardware, that is, versatile form factors. Surface Laptop is the norm of the family, which is used for people who do not care about detachable screens or a flexible keyboard. And that is not bad at all.

The Surface Laptop 3 continues that basic but good tradition, except that now you can also buy it in a 15-inch size. From my brief time with him, he still has one of the best keyboards on the market, the excellent trackpad is now 20 percent larger and the speakers still seem surprisingly loud (anyway, as far as I can see). Although the bezels are quite large by 2019 standards, the screen is still excellent too.

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More importantly, Laptop 3 addresses two of the & # 39; peculiarities & # 39; that were possible warnings with previous generations. On the one hand, the laptop finally supports USB-C, catching up with literally each competitor in the space of the premium laptop. On the other hand, it is now available in a boring but more durable all-metal design, abandoning the fabric palm rest in some configurations.

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Don't get me wrong. It is still a very pretty laptop. In particular, I love that the laptop is so meticulously designed that Microsoft does not need a notch to help you open the lid. The lid protrudes almost imperceptibly when folded, which, when combined with the precisely adjusted hinge, gives you enough purchase to comfortably lift the screen with one finger.

But if you ask me, the Alcantara palm rest is the best. on the Surface Laptop. It just feels cozy in a way that few laptops do, and in my experience, it has been well maintained over the years with minimal maintenance. Fortunately, you can still buy the Surface Laptop with Alcantara, but now only in blue and silver colors, and only in the 13.5-inch model. Good for me, since cobalt blue is the best color ever used on a laptop, but I'm sorry, for people who like red.

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Still, at least you do. It has some options. In addition to the lack of USB-C, the concern about the aging of the fabric is one of the main reasons I have seen for people who choose not to buy a Surface laptop. I hope Microsoft can attract a new set of buyers thanks to these two changes. As an additional advantage, the laptop is now easier to maintain, including a removable top plate and an SSD that is quite easy to access despite the external screwless design.

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