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Guardian of Cloudia is a new mobile action RPG for iOS and Android platforms. This game surprisingly has nothing to do with Last Cloudia. It’s a completely different world created by a completely different developer. The game takes you through a bright, animated world where you can assemble Silverleaf and Goldleaf, collect and upgrade pets, ascend and evolve, and load rare and powerful weapons and armor.

Redemption codes are codes that can be redeemed for free gifts and rare items added to the game by developers for various purposes. This can be used for promotions to attract new players, as a reward for continued support to loyal players, or as a way to fix errors in in-app purchases.

Read the list of redemption codes, how to find more, and how to use them in Guardian of Cloudia!

To go to the redemption screen, press the “Offer” button in the upper right corner of the screen. About halfway through the tutorial you should be able to press this button.

Tap the “Redeem Code” tab in the benefits menu. After entering the desired code or the code you have, click the “Exchange” button to receive a gift right away.

To find a redemption code to use, one of the first places to look, given that this is a very popular RPG, is the game’s Subreddit. Because there will be a lot of player discussion along with popularity. Players love to post code to share when they have it, so take a look at everything that contains code in the thread list. Whenever you find code to post, post it directly here.

Also check out social media, especially Facebook, and especially the game’s official page. Developers use the official page to share their code, so subscribe so you don’t miss any code, and check out previous posts before subscribing to see if there’s any code you’ve missed before. Facebook groups are also a great place to find code, as private groups full of player discussions can be as active as Subreddit.

Go to other social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, etc. to find other official pages of Guardian of Cloudia or pages run by your friends. Both page types often share redemption codes, but beware of fan pages as fan pages may ask you to participate in surveys to receive codes. If you see a page asking you to participate in a survey, it’s a scam.

Twitch and YouTube are great code sources. That’s because developers often give streamers and video creators code that social media doesn’t. This is to allow Youtubers to use their channel and streamers to use their fan base to promote their games. This means you can watch that video and profit from using that code-sharing arrangement.

Go to the App Store where you downloaded the game and find the code that other players posted in their reviews. Reviews should be organized from newest to oldest so that you have the best chance of finding working code instead of outdated and outdated code. As always, if you have a code, add it to your own review.

These codes are not case sensitive, so you can type these codes in any combination of uppercase and lowercase letters and they will still work the same.

The following code has been added to the current game.



We will continue to update the article as more codes are found in the game, so stay tuned!

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