Guardian Tales Aoba: Leaf Fairy Aoba Overview! –

Guardian Tales Aoba (Leaf Fairy Aoba) – Learn Aoba’s strengths, chain skills, general skills, EX weapons, and more in this Aoba overview!

Guardian Tales Aoba

Guardian Tales Aoba: –

Aoba is a two-star natural “healer” from Guardian Tales that excels at healing allies and removing negative effects. Aoba is a pure healer, so don’t expect help from DPS. This post will give you an overview of this character, covering Aoba’s skills, strengths, chain skills, EX weapons, how to get them, and more. So let’s go straight to the Guardian Tales Aoba overview!

Guardian Tales Aoba

Guardian Tales Aoba: How to get Aoba?

There are two ways to get Aoba. The free way and the summoning way.

⇒ Free method: You must complete the side quest “Lazy Fairy”. To get this sub-quest, you will need to find and follow the butterflies in steps 1-2 of the world (check the video link below for the full walkthrough). In Lazy Fairy Quest, you interact with “Lazy Fairy” until “Lazy Fairy” asks you to bring 3 cartoons. Comic number 1 is “The Legend of Hyper” (as seen in Word 2-2). Comic number 2 is “Ann and the Chamber of Secrets” found in Worlds 3-5 (you need x10 followers). And Comic No. 3 is the “Caden Chronicle” that can be found at the location of the world’s 5th city of Shen (treasure cave).

⇒Summoning method: You can get a 2-star character Aoba by using gems in the summoning portal!

Guardian Tales Aoba

Guardian Tales Aoba: Strengths and Skills

Aoba’s greatest strength is healing! She has two normal attacks. The first basic attack can deal damage. The second basic attack fires a healing arrow, healing the friendly unit with the lowest HP. This basic attack also dispels negative effects.

Chain Skills: The best thing is that Aoba’s chain skills can be triggered by any disease. Falls, air injuries and injuries. While the enemy suffers from these diseases, you can use Aoba’s chain skill, which heals all friendly units and removes negative effects.

Guardian Tales Aoba’s EX Weapons: –

Aoba’s EX weapon is Oberon! There is technology. Healing Flower. Effect of this skill: When an arrow hits a unit that is not an ally, there is a chance to restore the HP of all allies equal to their recovery. Currently, Aoba’s EX weapons are not available in the English version. devs may release this in a future update!

From Guardian Tales Aoba: –

  • Full Tier: #2
  • Aoba is one of the best healers in the game. But her DMG is not good.
  • PvE: #1, Tier 1
  • Colosseum: #3, T3
  • PvP: Not good!
  • Thanks to the party buff, Aoba can increase his attack power if there is a team with earth character.
  • Role: Support
  • Element: Earth

Guardian Tales Aoba’s stats: –

  • Attack: 653
  • Critical Strike Chance: 5%
  • HP: 18, 956
  • Defense: 127
  • Healing: 1, 233
  • Damage Reduction: 15
  • Card slots: 2
  • Fire resistance: -30%
  • Waterproof: 30%
  • Party Buff: Earth Attack +35%, Weapon Skill Regeneration Speed ​​+5%

That’s all for this post about Guardian Tales Aoba Overview!

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