GTA 6 Leak Release Date 2021

The new Grand Theft Auto 6 leak claims that the game will be mentioned even when it’s set up in two cities, two main characters appear and expect an announcement about the game.

About GTA 6

GTA V, was re-released in September 2013, and Rockstar Games has been constantly updating and evolving the title, but franchise fans haven’t stopped wondering when the next split can be seen and what can happen in the game.

Now GTA 6, sub-Reddit users claim to have information about the title by posting a thread containing information such as location, the main character, landmark, etc.


According to Reddit user Temperaturerising45, GTA 6 will be set up across two cities: Las Venturas, which is based in Las Vegas, and San Fierro, the San Francisco version of Rockstar.

This leaker claims that the map is four times larger than the one shown in GTA V, and claims to include landmarks such as Area 51 and Hoover Dam.

Besides, these leakers will focus on the internal buildings and will not have access to all the building facilities, but they believe that shopping malls, police stations, fast food restaurants, and gas stations can all enter and exit the players.

Grand Theft Auto 6 characters

As for the person who will be the main character of the story, this potential source suggests that this time there will be two main characters, male and female and that this character will see more random events at funerals or around the world. When the family on the holiday.

Temperature Rising 45 also says there will be two types of gun shops that return ammunition and sell regular weapons, and players will have to visit the “underground store” to touch crazy stuff like grenade launchers.

While both the raid and the business are back, the game has more mini-games like carnival games, gambling, torrent rafting, and bowling, so the side character Roma continues to knock down the pins.

Rockstar games

Rumor has it that buying weapons works differently in GTA 6. But if you hope to announce it shortly, Temperaturerising45 has bad news, arguing that you won’t see a formal release until the fall of 2020. accurate.

The idea that the game will remain in San Andreas County seems to have escaped Rockstar’s previous method and moved from a place like London to a sub-city, then to Liberty City, to not visit the same area twice. -rear.

Of course, there is no way to validate posts and there are many leaders who claim to be the truth about GTA 6. Most analysts suggest you won’t see the announcement this year. We will wait to see what is actually happening.

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