GRID is going to be THE racer to play into 2020 — here's why


As a fan of racing games, Codemasters has a special place in my heart. Returning to the days of the Colin McRae Rally and the TOCA Touring Car Championship, I have been playing with their riders since the old days of the original PlayStation. Codemasters not only had the licenses, but they created racing games that you wanted to play. They were fun.

From the ashes of the (sadly) short TOCA series came GRID, a new franchise with a focus a bit away from traditional racing championships. After three releases, things shut up, but in 2019, GRID returned. It's not a sequel, it's a complete reboot, and in a year without a new Forza game to get attention, attention is here to take it.

Now that, finally, I have my hands on GRID, I am more excited than ever before for this release.

Like No Other

1568477551 786 grid is going to be the racer to play into 2020 heres why


GRID has grown and boy, it's good

A strong contender to be your next favorite racing game. It is even better than you expected.

Cars, cars and more cars


The spectrum of races you can expect in GRID is wide and impressive. There are cars, GT cars, prototypes, Japanese tuners, V8 Supercars from Australia and classic tourist cars from the United Kingdom, an F1 car and much more. There are cars that I had the opportunity to play with and that I am not yet allowed to talk to, but it goes without saying that four-wheel fans will love them.

A personal highlight is a car shown above, the infamous Volvo 850 Finca of the British Touring Car Championship. It is absurd, but it is one of the most emblematic vehicles of our national tin can championship of all time.

1568477552 757 grid is going to be the racer to play into 2020 heres why

I think this should have been the cover car, frankly.

There will be much more to come after launch. too. Codemasters does not plan to carry out micro-transactions of new vehicles in GRID, but offers a single purchase to obtain them all. Ultimate Edition buyers will already have this, but it is not pleasant to hear any individual car package purchases.

First-class attention to detail

GRID has strong competition in glamor bets, as Forza Motorsport 7 and Project Cars 2 set a bar high enough to look good. So far, GRID is holding very well, and some of the small details, in particular, get a big thumbs up.

In cabin mode, for example, when the sun shines brightly, you will find asphalt glare and glare. of your windshield. When you pass Maggots and Becketts in Silverstone on a sunny day, you use the Force to stay on the circuit. But that's the kind of thing that a true racing driver has to deal with, so it's a good thing.


I also love the real details of the cabins. It varies from one car to another, but if the car has a seat with pads next to the head, when it tries to look sideways, it cannot magically see outside the car. You can't see anything But you can see your virtual foot move while braking, and the window mesh shakes while driving.

It is immersive, and the view from the front is fantastic. There is a field of vision slider (FOV) that affects how much you can see, but honestly, I think this is becoming my favorite cockpit view of any racing game. It just feels good. The distance from the steering wheel and the windshield is perfect, and for an additional advantage when you look back on some cars instead of just looking at the rear wing, you see what is really in the back of the car.

It feels so good to drive

GRID has always leaned toward a more arcade sensation in the past, not exactly Need for Speed ​​but certainly not Forza. The new version, although not a sim runner in any aspect, feels completely glorious. In fact, I am surprised at how good the driving experience is.

The wheel support is built in, I have been told, essentially the same hardware supported here as in F1 2019. I could only test GRID with a controller, but what I learned already leaves me wanting to play it with my wheel .

GRID is not designed only for hardcore runners on wheels, nor is it an arcade drift festival aimed at controlling players. GRID sits firmly in the middle. It is fun to play in both. If you like to get in the brush and play with the settings and turn off the assists, don't worry, it's covered. But if you just want to take a controller and do some hot laps, you'll enjoy it the same.


Worthy of particular praise is force feedback. Even using a controller, the road feels good. As you climb the curbs, the vibration changes enough to let you know they are there, instead of rumbling your fingers. As the car begins to lose grip, you get an excellent feeling of control (or lack thereof).

Along with what appears to be a fairly realistic physics engine, hopefully when Fernando Alonso is on your development team, I'm a little surprised at how good GRID feels on the track. I've always liked previous GRID games, but this is definitely something of the next level.

Nice tracks, horrible weather


From what I've seen of GRID so far, it doesn't seem like the weather is dynamic, but there's still a good variation. You can compete at different times of the day, even at night, and when it rains, it rains . Driving in the cabin view during a monsoon in Sepang is a real challenge, let me tell you.

I hope there is more to the road than torrential rain to give the races some flavor, but the effect is very good, your visibility is properly destroyed and the braking distances become such that everyone in a multiplayer lobby They will inevitably accumulate in you. I'm talking about experience because, during my brief multiplayer test, that's exactly what happened!

Circuit selection also feels good. GRID generally involves street circuits, and that is no different here, with some magnificent scenarios that include Havana, Cuba and San Francisco. In this type of circuit, I believe that Codemasters has surpassed Microsoft because unlike the street circuits in Forza Motorsport, these are very fun to run.


They are wide enough to fight properly on without knocking on doors all the time, and none of the corners feel artificially difficult. Compare Havana in GRID with Rio in Forza and I know which one I would always play.

There are also real-life circuits in GRID, and my personal favorite is the inclusion of the old Silverstone design. It is not very different from the new one, but it is a good touch and a touch of nostalgia, especially when competing with classic tourist cars. I also spent time with Brands Hatch and Sepang, the first is a circuit that I know in real life and recreation is excellent.

Progression, content and multiplayer

1568477553 152 grid is going to be the racer to play into 2020 heres why

The GRID career mode looks very healthy.

While I did not have time to really dive into career mode, that will have to wait for the review, it is already clear that there is much to do. The image above is a snapshot of the race page and the series of events in which you will be trapped.

Also, you are rewarded in GRID for your career. Make good moves, follow the race line, draw and all that generates additional XP. This, in turn, helps progression, and there are lots of challenges to give more dedicated players a long list of things to achieve.


Multiplayer mode, at least at launch, is going to be a fairly simple matter. You will have fast lobbies or the opportunity to organize a private career, and that's it. As for the classified game or any participation in electronic sports, they tell me that it is not yet decided. But since it is Codemasters, you know, responsible for both things in F1 2019, I am optimistic that we will see them later.

Post-launch plans have also not been confirmed, beyond the additional car packages mentioned in Ultimate Edition, but circuits and game modes will be added to the base game for free. So far, beyond the single purchase of additional vehicles, there seems to be no planned paid DLC, which is encouraging. More circuits will come and be available to everyone.

Much to be excited about


If you are an old GRID fan like me, then the news of a restart was probably all you needed to play this. But it is also so good that a new generation of players will be presented with this famous name.

Physics is surprisingly good, attention to detail both inside and outside the car gives you an immersive and exciting experience, and much more. Everything is fun. And, fortunately, we don't have much more to expect.

GRID is scheduled to launch on October 11 on Xbox One, PC and PS4, and Ultimate Edition buyers have first dibs with an early access period for three days before. GRID is also scheduled to reach Google Stadia.

Like No Other

1568477551 786 grid is going to be the racer to play into 2020 heres why


GRID has grown and boy, it's good

A strong contender to be your next favorite racing game. It is even better than I expected.

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