Great Buildings Forge of Empires

Great Buildings is one of the basic mechanisms of Forge of Empires,. They represent great achievements in the history and future of mankind and give the city a very strong bonus!

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What makes a great building special?

Great buildings give the city a unique bonus and extra production. You can also level up to a very high level by giving your city better bonuses and higher production while maintaining the same level.

Also, donating Forge Points to buildings of friends, neighbors, and guild members will give you rewards for contributions to your city and the Great Building!

Building a great building

Great Buildings Forge of Empires

Great Buildings Great building png is made very different from ordinary buildings in the game. They need a blueprint and a set of merchandise of their age. The building menu provides an overview of the great buildings available and their blueprints. Great Buildings that do not find a blueprint in this list are not displayed.

Every Great Building requires nine blueprints, which must be collected to build the building. This can be achieved in the following way:

  • Hone or motivate your neighbors / guild members
  • The chance to find something is slightly lower than polishing / motivation, but plunder your neighbors.
  • Help other players build nice buildings (see the “Donate Rewards” section)
  • Diamond, once you find one or more blueprints for that building, one of the other
  • Special occasions may show blueprints as prizes

When polishing / synchronizing / crushing, the age of the affected building defines the blueprint to find.

Example: If you are motivating pottery, Bronze Age buildings, then you can only find blueprints for Zeus statues or Tower of Babel – the great Bronze Age buildings.

If you want to get a specific point, you can also trade two replicas in a particular Great Building for one blueprint in the same Great Building (but still at an arbitrary point). Blueprints.png


After you have a blue print of buiding, you need to collect the goods you need to build it.


Trade with your guild, neighbors and friends to get what you need. When everything is ready, use the “Building” -button to place the Great Building in the city.

Great building leveling

If you place a great building, it is at level 0, like a construction site.

C SS MiddleAge 6×7.png

Unlike other buildings, this building is not built on its own, but must be constructed using forged points. When the building reaches level 1 it is finally built, but you can upgrade to level 10 with only forging points. Then you need a set of blueprints to unlock more than 10 levels (one set = one or more levels available).

The higher the level of the building, the stronger the bonus and the more forging points you will need to reach the next level. Details on forging point costs and bonuses can be found on their respective sites.

Contributing to the Great Building

When contributing to a large building of a friend, guild member or neighbor, the top five contributors are rewarded when the building is completed. Players with an arc receive an extra bonus when placed in the top five of the other player buildings.

Rewards for the Great Building are:

Forge Point
Blueprint of Supported Building

A small guide of Great Buildings Forge of Empires

We decided to write a clear guide to the Forge of Empires Great Buildings. As we progress through the game, we want to provide a recommended strategy for successful deployment.

Here is a quick tip

Don’t invest too many counterfeit points in Oracle of Delphi. They can be used better for other great buildings. In Forge of Empires, you can classify Great Buildings into five groups.

  1. Combat support
  2. Product support
  3. City defense
  4. population
  5. Combat support

To collect blue prints, it is recommended that all players do a guild hopping before deciding the guild. (A follow-up article on this topic will follow soon. Sign up for our newsletter and be notified when it is published!) The recommended goal for all FOE players is to complete and then build a complete blueprint for the Zeus statue.

Once this great building is completed, it’s a good idea to join the guild and play Guild Expedition Level 3 or higher every week. If development in the Technology Tree is struggling, investing forge points in Zeus statues also makes sense.

The advantage is that with this investment you will be successful in phase 3 of the Guild Expedition every week. Forge of Empires is not as profitable as this! As soon as the statue of Zeus is built, the next goal is to build the Aachen Cathedral.

It is necessary to collect the necessary blueprints through the support chain of the guild members. Build Aachen Cathedral as soon as you get what you need and blueprints!

Do not wait until the Zeus statue reaches level 10. Instead, switch between two buildings and always focus on the level where fewer forge points are needed.

Great Building-Raise the statue of Zeus and Aachen Cathedral to level 10. If you invest in a great building and are slow, you can get along well as long as you achieve Level 3 of the Guild Expedition every week without negotiating weekly.

If you have time to do so, build a temple. Most players are already in the Middle Ages when they can. At first, the first floor of the temple is enough. If you have to go through the skill tree, invest your forge points in the temple.

In addition to this, in the late Middle Ages there will be no priority because the goal of the construction of Castel De Monte will change

Top tip: It is better not to exchange forge points for goods. Instead, it should evolve in the technology tree as each age provides more expansion.

The city needs to grow, so it needs a lot of space!

In the colonial period, it is better to pause in the technology tree and raise the Castel Del Monte to level 10. The next big goal is to reach the Progressive era and build Alcatraz. At this stage you need to be able to complete Level 4 of the Guild Expedition every week. Only in rare exceptions should it be negotiated.

To further enhance the strength of the troops, the Arctic Future (North Pole Future) and Kraken (Marine Future) are needed. Until this time, only event buildings can be added to the successful set of Zeus statues, Aachen cathedral, Castel del Monte and Alcatraz.

Production support

A great building is a building that supports the economy. The worst building is the lighthouse of Alexandria. Any Forge Point investing in this great building will slow development. The lighthouse doesn’t have to actually go. Those who complete weekly guild expeditions without negotiations aren’t short on supplies either.

It is also not recommended to build a barbell or the Colosseum Great Building. These are waste of forge points and are not required. Instead, focus and level up your investment in one great Great Building.

This is a better way to put many great buildings all at level 1. It also requires a lot of space as a merchant. If you want to trade, we will make a better prize to negotiate through the guild expedition. The Frauenkirche of Hagia Sophia or Dresden is not worth spending forge points.

Royal Albert Hall is a much smarter investment in building instead. It can be used in the industrial age and helps to move the next era much easier. Investing in Royal Albert Hall level 5 is very profitable.

City defense

Forge of Empires Great Buildings

St. Bails Cathedral and St. Deal can be an effective strategy for city defense. However, we do not recommend building these. They consume a lot of space in the city and significantly slow down their development. Sometimes you will lose to plunders, but this is less expensive than building these two great buildings.


In the modern era, building an innovation tower is a fantastic option that will significantly reduce the space required for residential buildings. There is no need to construct a habitat afterwards. In modern times, you need to decide whether you want an arc or a chateaufrontron. More suitable for different play styles.

Players of modern age are warned about building Gaea, Seed Vault, or Lotus Temple Great Buildings. It is also not recommended to invest in Cape Caneveral, Dynamic Tower or Voyager V1. They are not profitable at all.

Final Words 

Forge of Empires has so many options for Great Buildings, so this article provided suggestions and recommendations that will lead to success. But there are a lot of different ways to win the game!

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