Graphcore’s new AI chips are the best-looking server processors you’ll never see

Nvidia and Intel seem to be unfamiliar with Graphcore, the UK-based AI hardware launch in the fast-growing computer chip market. With sophisticated microprocessors and server blades that are expected to become more competitive to acquire giants, we are emphasizing high performance for a variety of AI operations. Although it can not actually be seen Fast Company .

Designed with design company Pentagram, the Graphcore microprocessor features colorful plastic shells in pink, blue and tan pastel colors, each with a unique design according to the algorithm. It also has a subtle look to decorate each square, creating a playful style not commonly seen in the black and gray dark world of server racks.

graphcores new ai chips are the best looking server processors youll never see

Unfortunately, we rarely see brilliant processor units. As you can see from Graphcore's picture, the shell is housed within the server blade and is partially covered by other hardware. Graphcore also had to create a custom heatsink to cool the processor despite its playful design. But apparently it was a great change in the design of the Nvidia processor's seemingly mountainous dew.

On the plus side, Graphcore uses a variety of thermal vents to extend its colorful design to rack mount enclosures. Outward facing area.

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Graphcore (literally) helps you stand out from the crowd, though you (or the server engineer) never see the Graphcore IPU unit.

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