Google’s Find My Device app can now show the indoor layouts of large buildings

Google uses the Find My Device app to show indoor maps to show where you can drop your phone from a large building. This is the result of years of recording layouts of complex spaces such as department stores, shopping malls, and airports. That is not as much as you can see anywhere in the building when you lose your phone. In fact, you can clearly see the place. In addition to adding large buildings, new updates to the Find My Devices app support work profiles.

Google does not specifically list the buildings that have new features, so you should test your luck. And since GPS is always a little off, it helps to narrow down the space, but your phone may not be where you think it is. Once, on the highway that was kidnapped by a thief, my cell phone seemed to run away. It was actually when I was at the bottom of a dark movie theater. There are too many items to help you with the Find my device feature.

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