Google’s 2018 Halloween Doodle is also its first multiplayer game

Today's largest search engine in the world is falling into the spirit of Halloween with the Google doodle that can be a special play. This is the first time we've destroyed the Doodles game, including Halloween 2016, but created a multiplayer game where the information giant could jump online with others. Think is the opposite. The rule of Trick-or-Treat: The Ghoul Duel is simple. You pick up the "soul" and return the nite to the base. All souls that are not deposited leave traces behind you like tails. The trick is that a person touching your tail can steal your unbanked soul – but you can steal the souls of others too. Once you get the score, your soul can speed up or give you the ability to walk the wall. The game lasts only two minutes, but is enough time for all kinds of tricks. Like Overwatch Doodle gives recognition and title at the end according to performance.

"In graffiti, a player can host a game with one or more friends and family. Read the blog post that tells the game that you want to play with a custom invitation link or a random player from around the world." "The team has built multiple systems to enable this multiplayer game, including integrating Open Match, the highly scalable open source matchmaking framework provided by Google Cloud and Unity."

You can. ; Just click on the picture. Pro-tip: You can score points by racing your rival while you wait for the middle point, or you can find the side of the base that no one else uses when you do so and you can collect your souls and get a quick score. Leisure is taking the other person.

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