Google will fix Pixel 3’s RAM management issue with future update

Google is aware of a memory management issue in the new Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL that causes an unexpected application crash According to 9to5Google we plan to fix the issue with a future software update. .

The November update released today does not include the fix, but it sounds like you need to arrive in December as an update. We designed 9to5Google to say that fixes should arrive "in the next few weeks" and "prevent background apps from closing early."

(November update fixes wireless charging Android police says that Pixel 3 should show the word "charging" slowly to the third party charger now "

This particular RAM issue is a result of combining tasks from multiple applications, such as opening a Pixel 3 camera that consumes more memory while the user is running Spotify. Some devices force Spotify to free up space for Google's artificial intelligence camera, while 4GB of RAM is a fairly industry standard for flagship in 2018, but it's not the same as handling cameras and streaming music at the same time This is actually a software bug that Google does not have any problems with ironing out.

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