Google updates Android Auto design with new default dark mode

Android Auto is updating a bit, as Google announced a new version of its smartphone infotainment system before the company's I / O developer conference this week. This summer, it is expected to be more intuitive, practical and requires fewer touches to do things, and will also include a new default dark mode theme.

The highlight of the automatic design update for Android is a new, more dynamic and persistent navigation bar at the bottom of the user interface. Instead of just static white buttons on a black background, the new version allows some applications to essentially handle a section of the navigation bar, which allows for more granular control without the need for the controller to switch to the full application in question.

For example, if you are using Google Maps to navigate to a destination, but you do not have the full application open on the screen, the new navigation bar will show the next step in the step-by-step instructions. Or if you have full map view open, but there is music in the background, the navigation bar will show the playback / pause / jump controls for applications like Spotify. (Google says that "all media applications" will be able to take advantage of this outside the door as long as they are already approved for Android Auto.)

the navigation bar more New also has one-touch access to the Google Assistant, and moves the start button to the left (instead of the center), so it's a bit less in scope. Notifications in the notification center now have more actions available, and the design of the application initiator has also been fixed.

The goal of this update, according to Android Auto product manager, Rod Lopez, is to "help get you on track" faster, show more useful information at a glance and simplify common tasks while driving. " Therefore, in addition to the design changes mentioned above, Google says that the updated Android Auto can now continue automatically playing media and will also open its navigation application of choice "as soon as you connect your phone to the car.

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