Google says Android will natively support “foldables” to limit fragmentation

Google officially announced support for the Android device category, which they decided to call "Foldables". At the Android Developer Summit, Dave Burke, Vice President of Engineering, said today that Google is "this new form factor. But for now, these improvements are only a guideline for developers to start using the existing features built into Android.

The device with a folding display would be: days Samsung will stop teasing today and begin showing cell phones with a folding display at a developer conference, which is being held concurrently with Google's conferences. Says that it is working closely with Samsung on how to develop a foldable product for Android, but the focus of Google is that it is an Android platform-wide product that every OEM can use.

From Dan It is important that you are fighting an endless battle against an avant-garde … an avant-garde point. As manufacturers compete to make devices, you need software that can support your device. This race is already happening. Just a few days ago, Nick Statt of The Verge sees a foldable Chinese Android phone Royole Flexpai


If Google does not comment on how the software works, every manufacturer will suggest their own solution, Sagar Kamdar, product manager, says, "Google works closely with OEM partners to get a common API screen for developers."

Key ways Google supports folding The current display is Self "screen continuity" is that it points to an existing app, the Android API function when the screen size is changed.: Used to know (for example, in the screen rotation or Chrome OS Windows Android). "This new form factor is simply adding a new use case to an existing pattern," says Kamdar. Therefore, for Android apps that support folding displays, developers must implement this feature properly.

Kamdar says it already covers most Google apps. However, if you've used the Android app on Chrome OS, many third-party apps are not so great in windowed mode, which can hurt your folding space. Kamdar asked if there were any attempts to fix the problem beyond annoying the developer, and Kamdar said Google is "looking for a variety of ways to ensure a perfect foldables experience for users." I can not come any longer, but there is nothing to announce today. "

Android is not the only platform for folding display devices, and last month we looked at Intel's prototype devices, which Intel wanted to show us was a dual screen instead of a foldable, but the same idea

Microsoft also rumored to work on multi-screen devices that dream of the old Courier concept: Panos Panay of the Microsoft Surface Chief says the pocketable surface device is "absolutely my baby"

Google needs Android support for this new folding category, will not Google create a collapsible home screen Can you better support drag and drop on a full screen display? Make your phone

Still the most important question is whether Google should take the ball when it comes to preventing fragmentation in this new form factor. The answer is yes.

Samsung will show more plans and hopes in today's keynote, and Burke spoke out that Google is already working closely with Samsung on new devices to ship early next year and has removed some news Of course, it will be reported later when it comes out.

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