Google says 48 people have been fired for sexual harassment in the last two years

Today's New York Times on Andar Rubin. CEO Noths Chipichai and Eileen Naughton, vice president of human resources operations, sent e-mail to all Googlers to tell the story was "hard to read." He said. "We are serious about providing a safe and inclusive workplace." Both sides wrote in a jointly signed memo. The email does not dispute or disbelieve in the story of The New York Times that Rubin and Google have protected two other men accused of sexual harassment for their generous retirement. package.

"We want to make sure that we review, investigate and take action on all complaints of sexual harassment or improper conduct." According to Pichai, 48 employees have been involved in any kind of leave I was fired without. Package / retirement payment; 13 of them were "senior managers" or more. He also covered measures to provide transparency and confidentiality for Rubin 's departure and months and years (19459007) after a $ 19 million windfall.

According to Times in a survey of rubles in 2014, a survey found that Ruble is "allegedly" allegedly molested. I did not have to get away from it. But the company decided not to. Instead, Rubin received a $ 90 million redemption package. The company will pay the final $ 2 million in payments from the contract sometime next month. Larry Page kindly spoke about Google's efforts and impact on Rubin's departure. After Rubin disappeared, we sponsored Rubin's Playground Ventures VC and postpone postpaying $ 14 million in personal loans.

Google's current leadership can not reverse that mistake, but Pichai and Naughton want to emphasize that Google has driven change. "Google is committed to ensuring that Google can provide you with a workplace where you can do your best and work safely and that can have serious consequences for someone who does the wrong thing.


We want to let you know that we have a comprehensive, safe and secure workplace that we will review, investigate and take action on all complaints of sexual harassment or improper conduct.

Over the past two years, 48 ​​people have been fired for sexual harassment, including 13 more than senior managers, none of whom have received a redemption package

. ] In 2015, to provide transparency for this type of investigation, We started Respect @ and our annual internal investigation report because we know that harassment can be traumatic, so we provide a confidential channel to share the inadequate behavior we experience or see.

It is also possible that all VPs and SVPs have a policy to disclose their relationship with their colleagues, whether or not they have a line or a conflict.

Sundar and Eileen

We are confident that Google will be able to safely perform your best work and can have serious consequences for people who do inappropriate behavior.

Sundar and Eileen

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