Google reveals it’s working on foldable phone prototypes

Samsung may have had its first high-profile flip phone shamefully, but that does not stop other companies from looking for the technology. Before its I / O developer conference, Google says it is also looking for folding technology and has been creating prototype folding screens for quite some time, according to CNET .

"We are definitely creating a prototype of the technology." We've been doing it for a long time, "Mario Queiroz, head of Google's Pixel development, told CNET last week in an interview. However, according to Querioz, "I do not think there's a clear use case."

That means we should not expect a collapsible pixel in the short term, or maybe never. "We're creating prototype folding screens and many other technologies of new hardware, and we do not have ads for related products to do at this time, "Querioz said in a follow-up statement.

Google investigating folding elements is no big surprise, the company unveiled native Android support for folding screens last November, before the official Samsung Galaxy Fold revelation. That same month, but given how closely Apple's playbook follows, it is rare for technology companies in the mobile hardware game to explicitly confirm that they are looking for new and exciting designs.

Since the Asian manufacturers of phones began to reveal official folding products, there has been a great hype about the unique form factor and what kind of new and interesting devices it could announce, and long before the official products were revealed earlier this year, mainly in the Mobile World Congress in February, companies like LG and Samsung have been constantly showing improvements in the prototypes and illustrating how folding or rolled up screens could work. At CES, LG impressed the industry when it unveiled its new 65-inch 4K roll-up TV, and a good number of Samsung's initial work on flexible displays has made its way into products like the Galaxy Edge line.

Samsung was not so fortunate in the full department of folding services. After earning a fair amount of positive press coverage by first arriving on the scene with a superior collapsible version of his Galaxy smartphone, the company soon discovered how fragile and unprepared his version of the hardware was when the review units sent to journalists They started to break unexpectedly last month. Since then, the company has extended the launch date indefinitely to solve problems in screen technology.

Hopefully, Google takes its time and does not take out an official folding Pixel phone before it's ready for primetime.

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