Google Pixel 3 Review

Google Pixel 3 Review

  Google Pixel 3 Review

Google recently launched its third attempt to compete with premium smartphones. With Pixel 3, Google has improved the integration between hardware and smart software. Beginning with INR 71,000, we will look at what Google Pixel 3 saved.

Overview of Google Pixel 3

The design of Pixel 3 is more modern than Pixel 2. Using a size of 18.5: 9, it has an aluminum body with matte finish, 5.5 inch screen, frosted shape and flexible OLED panel with glass back, gorilla glass for front and back, 7.9mm thick, front firing speaker. Pink, black and white are available in this model in three colors. There is one Nano Sims tray at the bottom and also supports electronic eSim. There's a USB port on the bottom – type C pixel 3 does not have a headphone socket, so you should use a Type C headphone or dongle.

The included accessories include a charger, a manual and a sticker, a Type C Type C cable, a Type C ~ 3.5mm dongle, a SIM Extraction Tool, a Pixel USB-C Earbud and Switch Adapter

Google Pixel 3 is available on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC. It's the best ever. They added two custom processors to remove the load from the main CPU, the Pixel Visual Core chip for HDR + processing and the Titan M security chip to enhance data security. For non-scalable 64 GB or 128 GB storage, there is no variant with 256 GB of storage. It has 4GB of LPDDR4X RAM.

Dual Wi-Fi 802.11ac with Bluetooth 9, Bluetooth 5, 2X2 MIMO antenna, support for USB OTG, NFC, Qi wireless charging, support for four satellite systems, water and dust protection, Active Edge pressure sensitivity, new haptic Engine, barometer, Google's dual technology, "Living Universe" and "Come Alive" wallpapers.

Android Pie provides AI intelligence and machine learning capabilities, so you can use it more intelligently. telephone. Pixel 3 tells you about the time it takes for an individual application through Digital Wellbeing and the application timer feature that controls the addiction of a specific application. It features a "pull down" trigger that does not interfere with the status, and has a Flip to Shhh feature that makes DND more intimate when you turn the phone upside down. Another new feature on this phone is the Smart Compose feature in Gmail. Pixel 3 will also offer unlimited cloud storage by January 31, 2022.

The rear camera is similar to pixel 2. A 12.2 megapixel sensor of 1.4 micron pixel size, dual pixel autofocus with optical stabilization and af / 1.8 aperture lens. The front camera is an 8 megapixel wide-angle lens, suitable for group self-service. They have optimized the camera app and all shooting modes are accessible with a simple swipe. Intuitive Google Lens lets you add contextual suggestions if your camera points to URLs, QR codes, phone numbers, and addresses. These suggestions can be turned off if you're tired of bothering you. A Top Shot feature similar to live photos on iPhone has been added. Photo booth, DNG file, Playmoji character, HDR + Enhanced, Edge detection, Super Res Zoom for photo shoot, RAW shooting function to save electronic stabilization function at night vision and video recording. With Flipkart Coupon Code, you can choose a great deal available online.

Pixel 3 has a 2915mAh battery. You can use a wireless charger called Pixel Stand. The fast charging feature can be used with wired and wireless charging methods.

In addition to improved security and modified camera and gesture capabilities, the OnePlus 6 or LG G7 + ThinQ or other Snapdragon 845-based Android smartphone is a lot cheaper than Pixel 3. The only problem with this phone is cost. And if you want a 128GB storage variant, the price will increase by INR 9,000. Well, Apple's phone is still lower than the price! Google follows the footsteps of Apple, but does not offer such a great after sales service as Apple. I tend to wait until the price drops during the festival season!

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