Google Photos has a 10,000-photo limit in its Live Albums feature

The live album feature in Google Photos has 10,000 photos found on Google forums, as you can see in Android Police .

Live albums were introduced earlier this month as a way to automatically add a photo of a pet or person of their choice to a custom album. This way you can have one album to star in your cute puppy or partner without scrolling through endless guitar photos.

If you capture and accumulate the same picture for several years, the 10,000 picture limit seems too far away. You have already saved 3,000 photos within the first year of your new phone.

When you take 10,000 photos, you will see a "Live Album paused" warning, indicating that you can no longer add photos. In other words, you do not have to add photos of loved ones to your albums, but you'll see them antiquated through every photo. If your album is full of subtle looks and dim lights, we will not be smart enough to organize add-ons, so you'll need to manually delete them manually.

Until now, users have commented on photo limits. Google was silent. I've contacted Google to find out why Google's limit was imposed and whether it could be increased.

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