Google patent shows possible controller design for its game streaming service

Earlier this year, word spread that Google is exploring a gamecasting service powered by Chromecast, and a newly discovered patent shows what the controller on which the service would be dependent might be.

At the end of this month, Google is organizing a mysterious event during the Game Developers Conference that could very well revolve around its rumored streaming service, which in previous reports has been compared to a "Netflix for games" and it is said to be built on the technology developed by Google for its Project Stream test last year.

The patent itself is for a notification system for the controller notifying a player when a game is now available, that a user has received an invitation, a possibility of status in a leaderboard or a request for chat from another player.

google patent shows possible controller design for its game streaming service

Image: Google

However, the patent also includes a series of illustrations showing how the controller could be designed, including a dual joystick configuration, shoulder and trigger buttons, and d-pad and directional buttons game. The illustration also includes what appears to be a microphone button, which could also indicate some type of voice assistant support. Yankodesign created a series of renders based on the images sent with the patent. However, these illustrations may not be the final product; the detailed descriptions point to which buttons could be included in that device, but are not included in the patent claims section.

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