Google organizers call for new harassment policies amid mass walkout

Hundreds of Googlers gathered in New York Park today to protest the employer's handling of sexual harassment. Dublin, London, Tokyo, Berlin and many other cities. Employees are asking Google to create a more transparent and effective process for dealing with sexual harassment.

Android co-founder Andy Rubin received a retirement payment of $ 90 million, presumably because he sexually assaulted his fellow employees. "This strike is a fast, fierce week and the culmination of more than 1,000 people," Claire Stapleton, one of the organizers, told people gathered at New York's 14th Street Park, "We do not know what action will be taken to change the system, but we know we have the power to do it."

Another core organization that does not name is the organization for years. "This is an emergent move, but it is based on the many tasks that have already been done by many who are driving structural change," the organizer said. "At present, Google has a variety of infrastructures, and they are competent and dedicated people and they will complete it."

A protester holds a sign indicating that Google's coding style requirements are "C ++ Style, "

The protesters continued to join the staff at Google's main campus in Mountain View. . strike. The Mountain View event was fairly large, but held. Reporters escorted politely. The strike is not a protest but a "private enterprise event." "We want them to take bullying more seriously," says Max Timkovich, a contestant who says nothing comes out when people say they attacked someone at HR or their manager. One hoped not to reveal his name. Google's "broken sexual harassment reporting system" and gender differences were blamed by executives. She said:

google organizers call for new harassment policies amid mass walkout

A Google employee in Mountain View, California is protesting.
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The New York Times reported last week's Rubin action and Google's protection. He also named Rich DeVaul, another executive who continued to work despite the illegal activities. DeVaul resigned after posting the article.

Google's CEO Sundar Pichai apologized to his employees and emailed them earlier this week, "I am very sorry for past behavior and employee suffering," he said. Google has disbanded 48 people over the past two years, including 13 managers, and said they did not receive a retirement package.

Google announced an open statement with the start of Pachauri and repeated the section. In the e-mail, "Earlier this week, we know that Googlers are doing what they planned today, and if they want to participate, they'll get the support they need." "

The New York Times In an interview at the DealBook conference, Pichai found the following" special courage "for women: I praised it. I came forward. "We want to find a way to better support them, and because of the process, I can do better," he said.

1541123194 590 google organizers call for new harassment policies amid mass walkout

People gather in a park in a New York City Google ripple.
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Google protesters were posted to their Twitter feed and created five requirements detailed in the article on [1959031].

  1. "Examples of harassment and discrimination after forced arbitration" Google employees can also mobilize colleagues, representatives, or patrons when they meet with personnel.
  2. "Commitment to end wage and opportunity injustices, for example" We will be releasing internal reports on salaries or professional progress gaps for employees of other races, genders, ethnicity.
  3. "A Publicly Blame Closed Sexual Harassment Transparency Report" [1959042] This includes the number of harassments, the department in which they were created, the types of claims submitted, the number of victims and defendants leaving Google, and the value of all eviction packages I will. – Similar to the payout for Rubin.
  4. "A Clear, Consistent Global Comprehensive Process That Reports Sexual Flight Safe and Anonymously" Through our new process, our human resources department must be more independent of senior management. It must be accessible to everyone who works with Google, including temps and contractors.
  5. "You can bring the Chief Executive Officer (CSI) to the highest level and respond directly to the CEO and advise directly to the board." CDOs and representatives can help you implement the previous requirements and propose changes .

Yana Calou, organizer at, a nonprofit labor activist group, says the group's first need is "not a problem" for companies like Google. "There is a precedent in the arbitration agreement that removes sexual harassment," Calou said. The Verge . Google's competitor, Microsoft, last year stopped sexual harassment victims from asking for mediation, and former engineer Susan Fowler announced a change in policy after announcing the company's widespread harassment and gender discrimination. did.

1541123194 273 google organizers call for new harassment policies amid mass walkout

Google ripples scene in Mountain View, California.
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#MeToo movement often aimed at forced arbitration. To prevent harassment and assaults, legislators also want to end their practices. California passed nearly a bill banning mandatory arbitration in September, but Governor Jerry Brown dismissed the case as a violation of federal law. In 2017, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) introduced legislation that nullifies mandatory arbitration agreements for sexual harassment and discrimination.

Calou has fewer European Americans elected staff representatives on the board. The company has appointed an employee representative to the board. Likewise, it was very difficult for a company to disclose numbers in the payment and promotion gap between different races and genders. What Calou agrees to is more transparent. She says,

Rachel Dixon, senior product marketing manager for Google Play, says a Chicago spokeswoman for Mountain View, "because of this issue, she says" critical mass. "" In the past few years It was not easy to think that this had a small impact. "[protest] It's the kind of thing that makes us realize we have strength," she said. "I think time is running out and good people and gangsters will win this."

But last year, Googlers organized protests on various issues and sometimes resulted in significant results. This spring, thousands of employees stopped working on Pentagon-sponsored military artificial intelligence projects

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