Google is using software to make the Pixel 3’s screen corners even rounder

Google is expanding design atheists who prefer subtle, rounded corners by manually adjusting the screen edges of pixel 3 early in the design. At first I was first discovered by a Reddit user who is an eagle. The Material Theme is an updated version of the company's software design philosophy that is the driving force behind the redesign of Gmail and Chrome, and will be the most widespread in Chrome tab design. The chrome tab design is a soft round person.

While we can not switch the edges of a Pixel 3 display to a Chrome tab clone, we use subtle software tricks to "shrink" the radii of each corner of the display to create more rounded corners. . The radius change means that the pixel 3 screen never uses the available screen area at all. A cutoff that is hardly noticeable unless you closely observe changes at the start of your phone.

The first time you turn on the GIF device below, you will see a corner change appearance after a while.

google is using software to make the pixel 3s screen corners even rounder

Google does not do this in the Pixel 3 XL, as you can see, especially through reboot The Verge 's review model is many times. Some of them are interesting. Some people have commented on the lack of consistency between the edge version display curves and the lower version bezel display curves or larger versions of the "chin". Theoretically, it sounds like Google can do something in terms of software to fit the corners, but it will not do so unless many users really complain. But some people have noticed.

Some of the above mentioned user Reddit threads are Pixel 2 XL, but Pixel 2 XL The standard Pixel 3 has a similar-shaped display and makes sense when considering the lack of edge-to-edge shape of the Pixel 3 XL.

Either way, this does not affect everyone's ability to use the standard Pixel 3 or any visual experience of the device. Most of the small drawbacks that show Google's aesthetic taste in corner design.

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