Google is reportedly hiding behind shell companies to scoop up tax breaks and land

Do local communities have the right to know before they transfer? Should city planners protest before offering millions or billions of dollars in incentives? It was a question raised when Amazon promised $ 1.2 billion in subsidies to bring a new headquarters to New York, and we are asking again today. The Washington Post begins with a survey of Google's Secret Shell

Post . Google is hidden under the name "Sharka LLC" and is reportedly hiding. Tax cuts on new data centers in Midlothian, Texas, have prevented both developing nations and municipalities from signing the NDA to reveal that Google is behind the negotiations. Google said it used "Jetstream LLC" to quietly buy land.

This verse in position is perfect enough to quote completely when drawing a large company versus a small community.

"The community I know about this project was under Google's guidance, but people would have said, but we did not have a chance to say," said Travis Smith, editor of the local newspaper Waxahachie Daily Light. "

After the transaction was completed, Sharka was replaced with Google's corporate headquarters in Mountain View, CA. Site work began last fall

Texas Midlothian highlighted in the story Post My original response was to wonder if Google had decided to release the blog post last week, as Google opened a data center and office in a vast region of the US and invested $ 13 billion in the United States. At least in part

It is no wonder that the company quietly pursues such a transaction, as you will see when you report a similar secret bidding process in Amazon. " It's almost always a secret when a company performs a site location search. "Go Greg Leroy, director of od Jobs, said at the time

it appears to be Google's official response to Google's report The company's statement on status

Post explains in the story: "Public dialogue is a new site and office. I think it is essential for the process of building. So, we communicate positively with community members and elected officials at the place where we call home. "

Amazed by the amazement, the handout turned to repulsion and amazed everyone by withdrawing plans to open a new office in NYC Nevertheless, Amazon is gaining hundreds of millions of dollars in grants for the Virginia office.

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