Google is about to have a lot more ads on phones

Google today announced a lot of new types of ads that will begin to appear on all its mobile products, including some that disrupt Google search and discovery experiences.

Google searches on mobile devices will soon include "gallery" ads that allow advertisers to display multiple images so users can swipe them. You will also start to see ads in the Google Discover source, the news source that you will find on many Android home screens, within the Google application, and on the Google home page for mobile devices, although they will only appear in selected locations for now. .

New ad formats are meant to make ads much more noticeable. In a blog post, Google's ad boss, Prabhakar Raghavan, says that in the tests, the ads in the gallery resulted in "up to 25 percent more interactions" than traditional search ads.

Ads in the Gallery will only be launched on the mobile, not on the desktop. Discover ads will appear in the Google mobile app, as well as in the discovery source on Android phones. Google tells us that those ads will not appear in the discovery feed that is integrated into the mobile homepage.

google is about to have a lot more ads on phones

Image: Google

Google has been testing ads for search galleries since the beginning of this year, and has played with other ad formats focused on the image in the past. But now Google says the ads in the gallery will be widely available "later this year," which will make them much more prominent.

More and more images have made their way onto Google's mobile search page in recent years. A search for a movie, for example, will already show the images of its poster and its main actors, as well as the photos that are used in the most outstanding articles of the film. This is in addition to many other important information, such as presentation times, review clips and video clips.

In the midst of all that extra information, adding images to the ads makes a lot of sense from Google's perspective. They will draw more attention to the content of advertisers, and since they pay Google per click, they could be particularly valuable.

The discovery source, a personalized source of recommended news that Google displays on mobile devices, will also receive announcements for the first time. They will appear like any other story, with an image at the top, a title and a thematic field with more information. But they will have a small badge that says "announcement" so that users know they are sponsored.

These ads will also be extended to YouTube, where they will be placed along with recommended videos. Discover ads will also be released later this year.

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